Why Men and Women's Canes Are Different

When you are shopping for a cane, you will most likely notice that there are different sections for men’s and women’s canes. But why are men’s and women’s canes different? To answer this, you must first understand that these differences aren’t due to a random choice made by companies and that there are several ways that these canes differ.


The design is the first difference you will notice between the two kinds of canes. For instance, women’s canes are often much more decorative and elaborate, especially when compared to men’s canes.


Many women’s canes have intricate carvings or patterns. This is to stylize the canes to fit a wider range of clothing styles. Men’s canes often lack these patterns, as men’s clothing styles are not usually as heavily embellished as women’s clothing.


In addition to boasting unique patterns, women’s canes are often colorful and use a variety of colors. This variety makes it easier to match the cane to certain outfits and styles. Men’s canes are just the opposite, usually using solid colors that match the typical fashions that men wear.


Another big difference between men’s and women’s canes comes in the form of weight. Typically, walking canes for women will be lighter than walking canes for men. This is to match the general trend in which men are physically a bit stronger than women.

Choose What You Want

What you need to keep in mind about these different categories is that they are only there to make shopping for the perfect cane easier. No one will judge you if you want a heavier cane or a lighter one. If you want an elaborate cane that looks amazing to you, get it. You are going to use this cane all the time, so you should get the one you want.

So, that is the real reason why men’s and women’s canes are different—to make it easier to find what you are looking for. There is no rule that limits what you can purchase, so buy whatever cane you want.