There has been a fashionable history of ladies through the centuries that have adorned canes for various reasons, to implement a noted place of stature within a society, as an elegant accessory and to use as a device for added support and medical reasons. The many types of canes used by these ladies throughout history have always had a bit of sophistication and grace often complimenting the woman or lady who such they adorned. Now that times have passed, the novel idea of a woman's cane as a fashionable accent to accessorize formal wardrobe is past. There are still a lot of reasons to use a compact ladies cane and the market has a wide assortment available for all types of tastes and interests.A ladies cane is a bit different than a standard cane and will require the handle to be smaller and easier to palm for a lady. In addition, the cane, as a whole, needs to be lightweight and easy to carry. Ladies folding canes offer another novel idea for ladies cane styles that you can easily fold the cane and place it in a side bag or purse for easy hands free storage when not needing the support of a cane. They fit easily under car seats, in suitcases, in dresser drawers and knitting baskets.

The technology today allows for folding canes to be made of the toughest materials and manufactured to be a very reliable leaning and support device. The folding variety of past were flimsy and could fold or bend easily when used but canes today have extra strong airplane grade metals that are used which creates an extra strong shaft and strong locking mechanisms that keeps the cane from folding when being used and will not present a slipping or falling hazard.

As easily as it is to manufacture folding canes for all types of weight bearing specifications and height adjustments, it is also key to make a ladies folding cane with a unique design or style that will compliment a ladies many personalities and fashion desires. Some may want a cane that goes easily with everything and matches their winter and summer dress alike or have a variety of styles that will match evening purses or hand bags, different coats and outer wear. The styles are as numerous as the personalities and characteristics of ladies today and will offer one that is sure to please even the quirkiest of tastes.

When choosing a ladies folding cane, you will want to consider when and how often you will use the cane, the weight it will be required to support and the type of material you consider to get the job done. The categories of various ladies folding canes are not extensive but do offer a variety of styles that are sure to please most anyone. You can choose from regal and elegant, with a quirky personality, to floral and durable or simply a plain style that works well and revels in simplicity. All of the various styles are made to accommodate a variety of medical needs and issues requiring the extra stability and mobility of a cane.

Basic Folding Cane Materials

Metal Folding Canes

Metal varieties of ladies folding canes exist of either aluminum or carbon fiber. Both are very durable elements that offer a good stability and will not break or damage easily. The metal styled canes are available in a variety of finishes that will enhance a lot of different styles and can be adorned night or day. The finishes and designs can be ordered to be specific such as hummingbird designs and the garden variety with flowers and intricate ivy or with paisley embellishments and rhinestone collars.

These canes can have a variety of handle styles from the natural derby-style that offers a nice tight grip and can be custom ordered for a left or right hand fit to ball types and old fashioned hook types. The handles of a ladies cane can also be of various materials and composites of wood, plastic, metal or acrylic. The canes can be complimented with a wrist strap or not and a Velcro loop or leather strap to vinyl strap with a snap to keep your cane locked when it is folded, much like an umbrella.

Aluminum canes are quite versatile and very durable, while the carbon fiber canes are the next step in strength and will offer a higher weight bearing limit. The unique carbon fiber canes are also exquisitely detailed and will have just as money options as the aluminum just with a few different perks. Carbon fiber canes are considered incredibly durable and carbon fiber components are often used in high tech transportation devices such airplanes. It is highly durable and can withstand an invigorating blend of conditions. For the most durable and lightweight options of a cane that can withstand a very high weight bearing limit, a carbon fiber shaft is the best choice.

Types of Wood Handles for Ladies Folding Canes

The various types of ladies folding canes all use a variety of handles and many of them will be made from an assortment of hard woods that are reliable and grace the cane with a complete look with a hint of personality. Maple handles offer a unique blend of different stain finishes from light and natural to dark and mahogany or cherry like can adorn a variety of cane styles from frilly and floral to black or serious or classy and sophisticated with an artistic flare.

Ergonomic wooden handles for canes are great because they are styled to fit the hand perfectly providing symmetry and balance and not putting pressure on the palms or wrist that can irritate sensitive joints and bones. Like derby-style handles, ergonomic handles can be fitted for either a left or right hand option and a standard type of handle made for either hand. The option of a left or right hand fit gives the handle a better fit that balances the angles of the natural palm location and makes the best choice for those needing extra comfort.

Offset handles are a very purposeful style that creates an even more stable use of the cane for those who need extra stability and cannot use a standard cane with the regular styles of handles. The offset also allows for higher weight bearing limits and will most often have a wider tip on the cane for increased support. The handle is offset which adjusts the center of gravity of the individual using the cane over the most durable part and center of the cane. It is great for those who may lose balance easily or require that most of their weight be supported by a cane. The style of offset handles and canes are still just as novel as the others and can even increase ones mobility if they need the extra support offering to replace a walker when in tight or confining areas.

Adjustable Ladies Folding Canes

One cane does not fit all and that is why having a cane with a height adjustment can be very handy. Some days you may also feel taller than others or may be wearing a variety of shoes that can change your height slightly making it necessary to adjust the height of you cane. Adjusting the cane height can be quite easy and a few different styles or options are available for adjustment mechanisms. Some canes will have a locking collar that allows you to twist and alter the height then lock the shaft adjustment in place when the cane is at the optimum height level.

Push button height settings are also a classic style with a little bit of extra tech savvy alternatives that can make adjusting the height of the can quite easy and performed on the go. You can adjust the height with a simple click of the button and transfer from alternate terrains with ease or just as simply lower the cane when you get home and kick off your shoes.

The benefactors of using a cane with height adjustments helps to ease strain that can be put on your wrist when you are trying to support yourself but not properly aligned making your wrist bear more weight than it should. A shorter cane adjustment that is too low can put a lot of strain on your back and cause back pain or flare ups of arthritis that can leave you immobile for days at a time. Having the cane too high can increase pressure on your shoulder and cause pain and tenderness leaving you simply not wanting to go out walking at all.

The height of the cane is one of the most important factors in using a cane that will offer the maximum support you need without causing aches and pains. And, if you are not comfortable using your cane because it is too tall or too short, you may not just be complaining of aches and pains but could actually have a fall if the cane is not supporting you properly. Adjustable canes that fold neatly for storage are quite durable when used properly. You should ensure for the proper cane height that is it be level at hand height when you are standing straight and your arm is relaxed and by your side. You do not want to have to raise your arm or stoop over to use your cane at any time.

Canes that are not adjustable can be sized for various heights and adjusted at the factory or retailer to make your cane the perfect size and height. It only needs to be stated when ordering under the height option when available what your preferred height may be. The tips will not affect height greatly but a worn tip may make your cane feel shorter and slightly cause you to bend. If you notice if you have lost height due to a worn tip, replacement tips are available for most all canes in stock.

Tip Varieties for Ladies Folding Canes

Cane tips are what provides the canes stability and are made of a tough and durable rubber material that can handle a variety of terrains. Tips will be sized according to the cane specifications and determined there of by width to provide the ultimate stability factor per the weight bearing limit. Some tips are made to be more durable and will handle a more rugged type of terrain and can have an extra wide base with a reinforcing lip that creates an even ground to cane coverage and create the best in stability. Some tips are made for anti-slip conditions that are great for rainy days and snowy weather.

If you have a cane and would like an alternate tip, it is possible to upgrade your specific tip model to one that will fit your cane shaft. Alternate tip options are quite common and it is very easy to find one that makes you feel secure and offers the best traction. Extra tips are also provided with most canes, most commonly one extra tip per order unless you like to add more for an affordable price. It is sometimes necessary to order a variety of tips if you like to change the tip to match where you will be traveling and the current weather conditions of the time.

Alternative Styles of Ladies Folding Canes

While many of the styles may seem quite standard there are some alternatives that can really make your cane a one of a kind. Engraving options are available for most every cane style and can be used to embellish a name, initials or unique design that is fitting to the character of that individual. Translucent styles of canes that have plastic and acrylic molded handles with unique designed shafts that can be matched or switched to create stunning and personal combinations to canes that have a theme or specific design label. The alternatives are endless and it is easy to create or find a ladies folding cane that is the perfect walking stick for you.