Wow! Express yourself by selecting a unique walking stick or cane made of different inlaid colored wood, or choose from the gorgeous colorful, genuine exotic woods. All our featured inlaid wood walking canes have some of the most unique and artistic designs on the market.

The Multiexotic striped walking cane with inlaid wood is made with Wenge wood, Zebrano wood, and Rosewood; which all beautifully accentuates one another. The hand-carved Eagle cane has a red, white, and blue color dyed inlaid wood in an Ovangkol wood shaft.

The Colortone canes have different layered dyed woods pressed together. Each colorful walking stick has a unique style that will reflect one’s personality and will be a marvelous accessory for a cane user or a cane collector. When viewing our inlaid wood walking canes by Colortone, you’ll see colorful swirls that actually go through the depth of the wood. The wood of the shaft also twists to give a 'one of a kind' look. Each one of these inlay designed canes are made wiith a lament Birchwood; which make them extremely strong. These wonderful unique works of art also have an orthopedic approved flat top inlaid handle that feels very comfortable to grip. Colortones walking canes are brightly colored and proudly made by a skilled craftsman in the USA.

These marvelous inlaid walking canes are available in a wide variety of bright colors. One of the best-looking canes that we have ever sold. Show your true colors and get one of our newest collection. A truly unique cane that is not only one of the best-looking canes that we have ever sold but also one of the most comfortable.