Palm Grip Canes

Designed to literally fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the palm grip handle is known to be one of the most comfortable canes to hold and use. Since the user’s weight is evenly distributed over the users palm it will bring a newfound sense of comfort when walking with these canes. In many of the verified customer reviews for palm grip canes, many people say this ergonomic cane style is the most comfortable cane handle style available.

Of course, comfort does not mean a lack of style. There is a vast range of styles and a beautiful faux wood handle with a matching zebrano wood shaft to aluminum HD pattern shafts there are palm grip canes to match anyone's style. The handle has a contoured handle which is ergonomically designed which means it will fit in only the user's right or left hand. stylish.

Pay Special Attention! The palm grip-style and other ergonomically designed canes are specially crafted to fit either the right or left hand. Make sure you are aware of what side the cane will be used on before making your purchase. NOTE: The most common side to use a cane will be on the opposite side of a weak leg or injury. Consult with a medical professional when deciding what side to use your cane on.