Chair & Seat Canes - Folding Seat Canes

With comfortable canes with seats, you will always be prepared with a convenient place to rest. Whether for a break during a long walk or to guarantee a seat at a local sporting event, our seat canes and cane folding chairs are both handy and handsome.

Lightweight and durable, a folding seat cane is perfect to take on a cruise, any event where you may be waiting in a line, a parade, or even a family picnic. Our cane stools are great for both practical and functional purposes, you'll love having a cane with a seat readily available.

Each one is quality made with durable materials so you can feel confident that your purchase of a four-legged cane will be a lasting one.

Many of these small and large base quad canes are "convertible quad canes" which means they can be changed from a quad cane to a standard offset cane at any time. Quad canes are often used by people who need a walking aide to recover from a medical procedure or condition and need a medical cane.

Many times people will gain better balance over time and can then start using a standard offset cane which makes these dual-use canes the perfect option. These quad canes will give you the sturdiness you're looking for but will also give you the stylish appeal that you deserve.