Lightweight Carbon Fiber Walking Canes

For the latest in lightweight cane technology, our selection of carbon fiber canes is sure to make your hand forget you are even holding a cane. Crafted from the same high-tech and durable materials as aircraft parts, sporting equipment and high-performance vehicles like racecars, these lightweight carbon fiber walking canes are durable and meticulously created to withstand years of use. Weighing only about one pound, these lightweight canes are convenient to carry and are perfect for long walks or travel. As a tip, carbon fiber canes are a lighter and stronger than titanium canes. For more lightweight options, be sure to look through our aluminum canes. While there are many reviews on the internet, super lightweight carbon fibers canes seem to receive the best and most abundant reviews on the Internet. This is because of the quality, comfort and overall concept that are incorporated in the production of this wonderful walking stick. Our super lightweight carbon fiber canes are made with lots of classical features which make it suitable for walks where you are out for long periods of time. Notably, in some regions of the developed world like UK, USA, Germany, France and others, these canes have been able to rise to a champion status in the world of fashion, since its inception as part of fashion appendage.

What You Should Know About Carbon Fiber

The unrivaled quality of carbon fiber canes can easily be linked to the features that the carbon fiber material contains. As the main ingredient in the production of this unbelievable light-weight cane, the carbon fiber consists of thin, strong crystalline filament, which is used to strengthen other materials in the production process. For that reason, our canes are able to support the weight of the user whom may weigh up to 250 lbs or more. Carbon fiber is commonly used by thousands of industries in production for a wide variety of products that will benefit from the extra strength.

Now there are some pros and cons when using a carbon fiber cane. Carbon fiber can scratch easier than titanium or aluminum, but nothing can compare to the feather-like properties of carbon fiber. We recommend purchasing a walking cane holder for your cane when not in use or even a self-standing cane tip for hands-free ability to prevent your cane from falling.

Stunning Designs Are Always Available

Just like every other type of cane we sell, carbon fiber comes in variety of styles and designs, which gives you the flexibility in finding an astounding look that matches your own fashionable-sense. The derby fiber carbon walking cane is among the most popular walking canes available on the internet. The stylish design of this amazing walking stick speaks luxury, while still providing a modern look for both men and women. More so, the soft touch of the derby fiber carbon cane handle is another alluring feature for more cane bearers.

Depending on what time of year it happens to be, you may be more prone to select a color over another. Typically, dark or black carbon fiber canes are used in the winter or all year round, while green, blue and red may be used more frequently in the summer and spring-time. Those with special patterns on the handle may be used only for special occasions or as a gift to a significant other. Keeping your attention, these canes are usual rather inexpensive when compared to wooden or silver canes and still provides the extra benefit in being so light. In addition, we have an abundant amount of colors to choose from including black, blue, bronze, brown, green, grey, purple, red, silver, chrome and tan.

As we feel style is highly important for our cane users, function should not be forgotten. We were sure to get an ample supply of adjustable lightweight carbon fiber walking canes to make it easier for our customers in finding their most appropriate size without having the need to cut the cane. Although, if you are a bit shorter than what the cane allows, you can have up to 3 inches removed from the cane's range in its ability to adjust. There are also a few folding carbon canes available for those that frequently travel long distances.

What Do Customers Have To Say About Carbon Fiber Canes

Marilyn Speaking from New York, NY

REVIEW: It fits in my purse to use when needed. (My arthritic knees can act up after I've left the house). It helps navigate uneven terrain and I feel more secure in crowds including stores and airports. I love that it is light weight as I can't carry that much extra weight. My carbon fiber cane has survived the careless play of my seven year old nephew who I thought had broken the elastic connections that hold the four pieces together. However, my husband had it reconnected in a trice. My cane consistently draws compliments for its style, and I am delighted that I no longer need it every day, but I'm still thrilled to have such a convenient "helper" at the ready just in case.

BLS from Payson, AZ

REVIEW: I have to use a cane anytime I walk due to a spinal cord injury I suffered over 12 years ago. Without a cane, I would be forced to use a walker or wheelchair. This is the third cane I have bought from Fashionable Canes and have been pleased with everything. I got this one made from carbon fiber because what I have heard from the military, it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is so light, but very strong. I weigh 230 lbs.

Retired Racer from Phoenix, AZ

REVIEW: I love my carbon fiber cane. I worked with carbon fiber in auto racing. It simply is the best material ever.

Yonnie from San Luis, CO

REVIEW: Traveling to Paris, I needed a very light cane and this one collapses in half that fit in the airplane carry-on bag. The lightness is disconcerting at first, but it was VERY sturdy, and I needed it especially on stairways in the Metro trains, in museums and just walking about town. There was no slipping on the two rainy days, and I am so happy with it, I am donating my heavier metal cane and using this one exclusively. Also, this particular color seemed to go with any outfit. I also like the handle being part of the cane, not a separate piece.

What Other Options Are Available to Me?

We realize the appeal of simply being extremely light-weight isn't enough in making a buying decision. Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity in exploring other areas of our site that holds an astonishing collection of exquisite and exciting canes for both men and women. Staring with a very interesting selection, perhaps you are a car enthusiast or simply want to sport your love of one of your hobbies or a vehicle you may adore. You should take a look at our car-themed walking canes.

Next, everyone loves to play around with the latest technology from all types of gadgets. You can be sure to start a conversation with some of our gadget canes that provides some fun and unique functions for entertainment or practical use.

For the ladies, we step out of our traditional method of thinking and present some truly interesting artistic and creative walking sticks. From here, you will find an immense collection of different styles and colors that most other cane user's in the world simply do not even know about. Self-expression can fully be employed by something as mere as a walking cane to go with any number of your outfits in your wardrobe. You are wielder of beauty and passion. Now, present that wonderful taste you possess for fashion and show the world!