Genuine Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick with Thorn bumps


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Our genuine blackthorn walking sticks are handcrafted in Ireland from the authentic blackthorn wood. Artisan crafters in Ireland hand-select each piece of blackthorn for the best natural characteristics to create the highest quality walking sticks. The sharp thorns on the branch are cut down, leaving bumps where the thorns were once sticking out to create a unique shaft. The thorn bumps evenly spaced on the shaft make these walking sticks expensive and rare collector pieces. They are regarded as family heirlooms in Ireland and a walking stick any true collector wants in their collection.

Quality blackthorn sticks are in short supply due to the difficulty in harvesting the wood. Blackthorn wood has poisonous thorns, so it is challenging to find people willing to collect the wood. Compared to other woods like our like Hazel Walking Stick, it takes many years for Blackthorn to dry out and season before it can be made into a walking stick. Many Irish farmers no longer plant this bush as a natural fence barrier and have switched to metal fencing as an alternative to keep livestock on their farm.

These sticks are finished with a clear coat to protect and extend the life of the natural wood. The Thin, Standard, and Stout classifications are graded by the weight of the stick. Our blackthorn walking sticks are handcrafted, and no two are identical. The colors and shapes shown in the pictures may vary. For additional options, view our complete selection of blackthorn walking sticks & shillelaghs.

  • Each Authentic Irish Blackthorn will vary in length
  • Handcrafted in Ireland from the authentic blackthorn wood
  • Cannot be cut to size

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Technical Specs

SKU: 6090*THIN*34

  • Max User Weight 250 Pounds
  • Max Size ranges 34"-36"
  • Min User Height 5'0" Approx.
  • Max User Height 6'0" Approx.

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 250lbs. and up to 6'0"in Height. Weight Restrictions Info

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