The Fritz handle has an open-ended styled handle that provides more room for your hand and fingers. Making cramped fingers
a thing of the past. Arthritis sufferers and cane users with sensitive hands will love the comfort of this handle. These canes come in a variety of designs and colors,
allowing you to select the one that best matches your taste.THE FRITZ: Developed in the 16th century by a German count to make cane use by the arthritic sufferer more comfortable. The design continues today providing maximum comfort, support and style. Available in a wide assortment of colors and woods. Some Fritz canes feature accent collars. Assembled with threaded steel studs, these canes are specially designed to direct the users weight over the shaft ensuring maximum stability and comfort. The shafts are made from the finest and strongest lightweight hardwoods available. The cane is treated with a semi-gloss water-resistant finish to protect the wood. The wood is kiln-cured for strength and durability. Compared to other canes, they are more resistant to splintering or cracking, ensuring a superior product. The Fritz handle walking canes are a wonderful choice and are priced affordable.