Pair of Carbon Fiber Telescopic Hiking Staffs

The Pair of Carbon Fiber Telescopic Hiking Staffs has been discontinued or is no longer available. Our Fashionable canes experts have selected the items below as alternative items. You can also explore other items in the Carbon Canes to find the item you are looking for.


These Carbon Fiber Trekking poles are the lightest and strongest on the market. These scientifically advanced Carbon Fiber hiking/ trekking poles are both superior in quality and in practicality. The neoprene lined hand grips are comfortable and easy to hold for those long rugged hikes. The new design of the pivoting tip allows for the user to walk more comfortably on any type of terrain. Included with these hiking poles are two removable, soft terrain baskets that prevent the metal tip from sinking when walking on sand, grass or gravel. These accessories also make hiking on ice or packed snow more safe and easy. The adjustable shaft is made from a technologically advanced carbon fiber material, allowing these trekking sticks to be super lightweight and long lasting. Being made with Carbon Fiber the lightweight trekking sticks are much less cumbersome causing less shoulder and back pain from carrying the alternative, heavier trekking sticks. The twist lock mechanism will allow the user the ability to safely adjust the trekking stick to their desired height, once locked into place these trekking sticks will not give or release upon use. Adjusting with the quick lock mechanism is both quick and easy, these sticks are locked into place by simply twisting both adjustment pieces in opposite directions until they are tight, an adjustment can be made at any length that best fits the user. These hiking poles also come with two adjustable wrist straps allowing the user to keep a constant grip without fear of dropping. Often we have customers who suffer from conditions such as Muscular Sclerosis purchase these trekking sticks because of the ability to carry a set of lightweight, easy to use mobility aides that are affordably priced and at the same time stylish. Another advantage to using two trekking poles simultaneously is that not only does it allow the hiker to feel more safe and secure when on rugged terrain but that they also give the hiker the ability to strengthen muscles and burn more calories because both arms will be used equally. Have fun and feel secure on your next hiking trip while using these new Trekking poles!

  • Comes with neoprene lined hand grips
  • Includes two removable soft terrain baskets
  • Technologically advanced, light weight carbon fiber shafts
  • Includes two adjustable wrist straps
  • Quick lock adjustment mechanism

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Technical Specs

SKU: 77799

  • Max User Weight 225 Pounds
  • Max Size adj. from 21.5" - 56"

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 225lbs. Weight Restrictions Info

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Pair of Carbon Fiber Telescopic Hiking Staffs

Pair of Carbon Fiber Telescopic Hiking Staffs