SafeTbase Self Standing Brown Cane Tip

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The Safet Base Cane Tip is the best stand alone cane base you can buy on the market today. Guaranteed to be the best performing cane base you will ever own, this brown Safet Base cane base is flexible and it flexes as you walk. The cane tips stay in contact with the ground longer giving you added stabilty, plus it's safer! Having a flexible quad cane tip makes using your cane eaiser. It stands alone without a stand or the need to lean it against something. Just put it down and your hand is now free to do whatever you need to do.

With the Safet Base quad cane tip, there's no need to search for a chair or desk to lean your cane against whenever you need to set it down. While shopping at the grocery store or opening your car door, you can just set the cane down and it is always right there for you to use. It also prevents it from falling over and getting damaged.

Order this handy, flexible stand alone quad cane base to make using your cane safer, more convenient and more advantageous!
The SafeTbase measures 4" x 4" x 2.25", and weighs .3 lbs (4.8 oz).

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  • SKU 460BRN*16

SafeTbase Self Standing Brown Cane Tip