Self-Standing Able TriPod Cane Base

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The Able Self Standing Cane Base has a patented stand alone tri-pod base design that provides enhanced mobility and maneuvering over such terrain as sand, pavement, grass, stairs, and gravel. One of the best features of this item is that it it will stand up all on its own, alone by itself without any support. The self standing cane stand stays right in the upright position, so you can have a free hand, or put it down without having to lean it against something. This is extremely convenient and gives you more freedom.

Simply let it go and the cane stands alone, you don't have to put it down. This tripod cane base also flexes as you walk, reducing the stress impact on the users hand, wrist, and elbow. Please note that the tripod base is not intended for use on ice or snow or in other slippery conditions and is not to be used on folding canes.

The standing cane base tip measures 4.5" x 5".
  • Patented triangular shape for advanced stability
  • Keeps your cane standing in an upright position
  • Flexible material makes for low impact on wrist

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  • SKU 400*16

Self-Standing Able TriPod Cane Base