Staghorn handle chestnut shaft hiking stick with leather strap


SKU: 93004

This deer antler cane has a wonderful look that's perfect for the trails and getting back to nature. Take it with you when you hike your favorite mountain or display it as a collectible in your home. The solid chestnut shaft provides support and balance while the deer antler gives this hiking stick a classic, authentic look that's right at home in nature. The natural wood retains all of its character while the

The deer antler walking stick and hiking staff is made with a naturally shed stag horn antler. So, no animals are harmed when it is made. The antler is grounded, sanded and polished before being fitted onto the wooden shaft. Provides a comfortable grip with a purely natural character that you'll enjoy for years and years to come.

Height approximately 54" (137cm).
  • Deer antler handle accompanied with a Solid Chestnut shaft
  • Comes installed with a complimentary high-quality rubber tip size varies
  • Disclaimer:No animals are harmed in the making of this Cane

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  • SKU 93004

Staghorn handle chestnut shaft hiking stick with leather strap