Best Walking Cane Gifts for Men 2019

Looking for the best walking cane for him? Whether this gift is for dad, grandpa, or even just a close friend, these walking cane selections are guaranteed to wow him!

If you need a special gift for the spectacular men in your life, a walking cane is just the ticket! Walking canes make for excellent and unique gifts for men as they are available in a number of bold styles to suit a diverse range of aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you're shopping for a sturdy cane for a gentleman who needs assistance with balance and support or simply looking for a decorative item for a collector, Fashionable Canes has a perfect style to meet his needs! If you're still looking for the perfect holiday gift, look no further! We've put together a list of some of the most fashionable and most popular styles for men's walking canes!

Best Walking Cane Gifts for Men

1. Animal Handles

Animal-themed walking canes are all the rage with the gentleman right now. Their timeless simplicity and sophistication makes these canes suitable for any man with a sense of style. A variety of animal handles are available, including but not limited to, birds, dogs, horses, and more exotic selections! Pictured above is the Wolf Nickel Plated Fritz Handle Walking Cane, which has proven to be a top item this season for its sleek design. The wolf's eyes appear soulful and wise, making this cane perfectly suited for the wizened gentleman in your life.

2. Carbon Fiber Canes

Carbon fiber walking canes are a great choice for the modern man! These canes combine superior engineering with an elegant style to create canes and walking sticks that are both extremely lightweight and durable. The unique mesh pattern of carbon fiber gives it a distinguished look that is popular with businessmen and retirees alike! We recommend the Triple Wound Carbon Fiber Black Derby Walking Cane for its adjustable shaft, which makes it a perfect gift if you're unsure of the user's exact measurements!

3. Palm Grip Walking Canes

Palm grip walking canes are uniquely designed to provide a comfortable fit. Each palm grip cane must be specifically ordered for a left or right hand. While this might present a challenge if you are ordering for someone else, remember that a cane should usually be used on the opposite side of the affected side of the person's body. For example, someone with a bad left knee would likely find the greatest comfort in a right-handed cane. We recommend the Oak Palm Grip Walking Cane for a holiday gift as its classic design will appeal to a wide range of gentlemen!

4. Flask Walking Canes

Do you know someone who enjoys an extra glass of eggnog around the holidays? If so, we're sure he'd be thrilled to receive a flask walking cane as a gift! These innovative items contain a concealed flask that allows users to discreetly store liquid. To access the hidden flask, simply twist off the cane's handle! The Chrome Fritz Handle Walking Flask Cane is a great choice for a present due to its combined classic style and flask utility!

5. Sword Canes

Looking for a cane for a man who loves the finer things in life? Cane users and antique collectors alike have found an affinity for our lovely sword canes. These canes each have a concealed blade that is both suave and sharp. The handle of a sword cane doubles as the hilt of the sword for a completely covert experience! The Medieval Genuine Leather Wrapped Sword Cane has proven to be a hot ticket item due to its elegantly designed handle paired with the sleek contrast of the leather wrapping.

Make his Holiday Merry and Bright!

For a man who lives with any type of mobile impairment, there can be no better present than the gift of mobility! Whether he's primarily interested or fashion or function, any of these stunning selections is sure to bring a smile to his face this holiday season! Here at Fashionable Canes, our mission is to offer a fashionable option to those in need of a functional product. Give the gift of style and confidence this holiday season when you shop with Fashionable Canes!