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Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our exquisite cane sword collection. Whether you're a collector or someone who values the utility of a walking aid that doubles as a self-defense tool, our cane swords offer the best of both worlds. Crafted from premium materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, each cane sword is a masterpiece of design and engineering. The hidden blade within the cane is not just a novelty; it's a statement of preparedness and sophistication. With a cane sword in hand, you're not just walking; you're making a statement.

High-quality sword canes feature ingenious designs that have been the subject of awe and envy from collectors for centuries. What enthusiast of either walking sticks hasn't seen one of these meticulously crafted pieces and wanted one for their collection? Browse our selection to find options including heads made of durable materials like silver, bronze and wood, ergonomically designed sword walking sticks, classic wooden or lightweight aluminum canes, and even hand-crafted walking cane swords made by skilled artisans to show a high level of detail. These products are classified as self-defense canes.

If these products are not what you are looking for, you can start your search here for a new walking cane.

There are three main reasons why walking sticks and canes have been produced over many centuries. These include the support or necessity for those that have walking disability, the desire to be trendy and most importantly for protection and self-defense. The popularity of the sword cane started many years ago when Major Morris Wright wounded Jim Bowie seriously with the sword cane during their legendary fight. Since then, until today, walking cane swords have gained lots of traction in every part of the world. More so, the popularity of a sword derives from its ability to be hidden in a sheath, typically in the handle of the cane.

Now, there are other canes and walking sticks that do not contain a blade, knife or rapier, but holds the ability to be used for protection. Our baseball canes were really intended for those who enjoy America's pastime. However, you could easily defend yourself with this product, especially walking back to your car from the stadium and find yourself in an unexpected hostile situation. One could even acquire a taser cane that dishes out a hard-stopping 1,000,000 volts. If you’re walking through bad areas of town or even out camping, you could successfully defend yourself from wild animals or muggers.

Make Sure you Learn about Safety and Proper Usage of a Sword or Knife Cane

When it comes to the use of sword walking canes, there are not many you can put into action as fast as our sword canes. If you find yourself in a hostile situation with no other option other than to defend yourself, one simply needs to give the handle of the blade a hard pull out of its sheath, and the blade will jump into your hand for effective action or defense. We recommend seeking a professional or someone with sword fighting experience to ensure your safety and correct usage in the event of a hostile situation. Without having some required knowledge in how to use this walking stick, you could inflict harm upon yourself or another that may end up being lethal.

These instructions are extremely basic and you should still seek a professional for proper stances and usage. The steps you should follow when you want to take action with walking cane swords include:

  • Just by giving the handle of your sword cane a firm tug, you will have the full length sword slide out.
  • Wrap your hand firmly around the sword handle so that the tip of the sword faces upward and the cane knife faces outward. This is to make it easy for you to move the sword in any direction you want for efficiency in defending yourself.
  • After your action or fight, you need to put your sword back to the scabbard. Be sure to clean off any blood first to prevent your sword from staining. We aren't living in the medieval ages, so your blade needs to be presentable for your next attacker.

Legality of Sword Canes

Despite the fact that walking cane swords were popularly used as fashion accessory for the wealthy during the 18th and 19th century, the protection origin of the sword cane is not obvious. For that reason, the issue of legality of a sword can depend on your country's legislation. This article will throw more light on the legality of sword canes in most developed countries of the world like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and France.

The Legality of Sword Canes in some parts of the world

United States of America

Most jurisdictions in the United States have different laws about possession of a concealed knife blade, and since the walking cane sword is among the factors used to conceal the blade, there are laws in certain counties and states. States like Arkansas and California prohibit the public use of a concealed blade

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, sword canes are prohibited in trade. However, an antique sword stick, which has been in the trade for over 100 years, is exempted. So, if you are in any part of United Kingdom, you need to know that Sword cane is prohibited in order to avoid falling victim of a punishable offence. Most sword cane traders that hail from United Kingdom can only ship your order from other branches outside United Kingdom.


In Belgium, possession of sword cane is prohibited. In that regard, you are not expected to use your sword cane while in any part of Belgium. However, you can use other fashionable walking sticks that are made for the purpose of fashion and nothing more than that.


Those in Germany are not expected to own any kind of object that can be used to conceal a blade.


While walking cane swords are prohibited in many other parts of the world, it is widely legalized and acceptable to possess and trade any kind of sword cane in France. You don't have to worry about being punished by the law in any part of France. You can easily go ahead and get your very own stylish sword cane. Obviously, the legality of sword canes in France is based on the fact that the owner possess the sword of the 6th category. Though, it is legal to own sword cane in France, the user is expected to take specific care of the sword cane while transporting it from one point to another.

A Must Know about Sword Canes as a Fashion Accessory

It is true that the main objective of sword cane is for fight and defense, but the use of it as fashion accessory cannot be undermined. In that regard, while shopping for a sword cane, it is important to have fashion at the back of your mind. There are many well designed sword canes made with the finest and most precious materials, which you need to complement your fashionable outfit to showcase your class as a gentleman or woman. One type of walking cane sword that comes to mind is a heavy-duty sword cane. With the help of a heavy-duty sword cane, you will be sure to enjoy a well-designed knife cane that will not only give you enough support but is also stylish to make you distinguishable in a crowd.

Here is an example in how a heavy-duty sword cane is crafted. The handle is made with extra strong material from Grivory, while the black shaft is made with thick aluminum that is treated with heat to ensure straightness and agility of the cane. Consider a time when walking down an icy road or rough ground. With the help of sizably conical head of the walking cane, your grip is solid with the extra weight of the cane to prevent falling. There are even swords made with 1055 Carbon Steel which makes it a very formidable sword for any kind of fight. The lightness of sword cane gives you that extra tactical edge in reacting quicker in a life-threatening situation.

Furthermore, the strapping features coupled with sharpness of the blade and the pointed tip made of from a carbon fiber sword cane makes it effective for both thrusting and cutting. Similar in being light-weight, an aluminum sword cane is made to resemble many current fashionable canes out there in the market. As example, an aluminum cane comes with a removable aluminum head which increases the flexibility of use. With the help of the removable aluminum 6160 aluminum head, you can easily customize the handle of your sword cane with any of your preferred engraved image or other personal information you want.

How To Care for Your Sword Canes

It's important to effectively care for your striking sword cane to keep its durability healthy for many years to come. The method you need to follow when caring for your sword cane will depend on the material used in the construction of the three parts, which are the handle, the collar and the shaft. Most are produced with a brass handle while others are made with aluminum. More so, the shaft needs to be taken care of as well.

One of the things you need to avoid in your sword is rusting. For that reason, you need to do everything possible to prevent the rust from accumulating on the blade of your sword. You can either remove rust through abrasive or chemical cleaning. Be sure to use caution to avoid damaging the edge of your sword blade. For you to avoid rust on the surface of your sword, you need to ensure that you avoid touching your blade with you bare hand. Touching it with your bare hand will result to accumulation of either salt or oil on the surface of your blade, which will end up turning into rust. So, you need to make sure that you wipe the surface of your sword with a clean cloth if you happen to touch it with your bare hand. Also, don't leave your sword cane out in the open where it can wet by rain or even by sprinklers.

If the blade of your walking cane sword is made of steel, you need to know that it will appreciate regular coatings with clear organic oil. This is to prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface of your steel blade of your cane knife, which can result to rust. Some professionals recommend choji which is one of the mineral oil that is formulated with small amount of clove oil for fragrance. You could also use sowing oil or gun oil as they are produced with quality ingredients that are suitable to prevent rust on the surface of any steel material.

An Array of Sword Cane and Other Options

If you are looking for a hidden sword walking stick for yourself or as a great gift idea for the collector in your life, our selection of walking cane swords has just what you need. Check out our antique sword canes for a vintage look that you are sure to love. No matter if you prefer the simple, classic style of a Tourist handle or an intricate, Old-World handle, look no further. For even more canes with hidden or concealed features, be sure to stop by our gadget and spy canes, and for more elegant looks, look through our elegant handle, genuine polished horn and faux scrimshaw selections. From dragon head to skull head cane swords, whatever style you prefer, we have searched the globe to ensure that you will find it at Once you've made your choice, be sure to browse our walking stick accessories to complete your purchase. Add the finishing touch to your collection today; start shopping now!