The handle of the cane is the defining point on the stature and type which represents its medical abilities and personality of the user. A statuesque man will enjoy sophisticated handles made of premium wood and interesting designs, while a lady may want a handle that is small, unique and delicate. The varieties of handle styles are many and one favorite for users and collectors of canes are Italian handcrafted handles. This collection includes animal head and handcrafted walking canes of all kinds to suit a wide range of tastes. Even the collars and shafts can be customized to match the taste for both men and women.

The Need to Know Information on our Italian Handles

Italian handcrafted walking canes can be unique and sophisticated, made of the finest materials and masterfully crafted to provide stunning artistry. These novelty style cane handles are medically sound that are useful and durable. The Italian crafting can vary by the maker of the canes, but one of the most well-known suppliers of Italian handcrafted canes and handles is Royal Canes. Royal Canes supplies the dealers of canes around the globe to support medical and collector needs for a sophisticated brand of elegant canes. Their exquisite cane handles are made of the best Italian materials and come in a very wide selection of styles and designs.

Our animal head and handcrafted walking cane handles range from highly collectible to fun and whimsy while still providing support. Some materials used to make the intricate designs you see on some sculpted canes can be durable, yet fragile and crack or break when dropped. It is essential to know the type of handle you are getting and if you are going to use the cane as a weight bearing medical support device or as a conversational collector's item. Some Italian crafted cane handles can be very supportive and will be rated per the usual cane specifications. The usual cane specifications will rate the cane by its weight bearing capacity, the height and if it is adjustable or not.

Types of Italian Handcrafted & Animal Head Walking Canes

Collectible Italian Cane Handles
Italian cane handles can offer a variety of designs and styles created by Italian craftsman and artists and represent a style all of their own from detailed and sculpted designs. For example, a murano glass style cane is crafted from various materials to provide a faux finish that mimics delicate materials but provides a sturdy and affordable cane. Faux style canes are much more practical than the original designs such as faux ivory.

Canine Designs

Several styles of dog canes exists of lovable and regal dog breeds. You can find handles that have flowing locks of fur like your favorite Golden Retrievers, a slender Dachshund handle or a fine finished wolf. The styles of canine handles are gorgeous and can be customized with a shaft and collar if available.

Horse Designs

A few elegant designs of cane handles with that of a strong and sophisticated horse head that works like a sturdy ball handle style or a long crook tourist style handle that looks like a horse's head and neck are quite favorable in horse style handle designs. The finishes of the types of interesting and beautiful horse head designs can range from a wooden style to an ivory or silver blend.

Eagle Walking Canes

Eagle Designs

Majestic are the kings of the skies and a patriotic style of cane with an eagle adornment which is quite impressive and stylish. There are a few very intriguing styles of a fritz style handle of a sleek eagle head or a knob style and complete custom designs that are purely collectible and not made to be weight bearing.

Snake & Serpent Canes

Serpent Designs

A snake's head can be a comfortable style for cane handle or a tourist cane handle that slithers through your hand like a smooth snake and is decorated to be that of those who love reptilian royalty. Snake designs can be quite unique and made of some of the finest Italian silver or nickel plated for durability.

Elegant Scroll Designs

A popular category of animal head and handcrafted walking canes is our elegant scroll designs. We offer several ergonomic and tourist styles of Italian cane handles that are durable and made for medical support. These feature creative scroll pattern designs by some of the most famous artists of Italy. The composites of scroll handle designs can vary from resin and cellulose acetate composites to those of pure Italian silver or nickel plated for increased strength. An artistic tourist handle of Italian design with intricate scroll work can be very comfortable and be a great supportive device.

Alligator Walking Canes
Alligator Cane Handles

A reptilian king of the water, the alligator is revered by many cultures and also feared, making this a beautiful tribute to the strongest jaws in the swamps. The intricate detail of the eyes and scales, teeth included, creates a very artistic and collectible Italian cane handle that can really spice up an ordinary cane style.

Cat walking canes

Feline Cane Handles

From the jungles to our couches, felines hold a special place in many hearts and are a celebrated animal that is majestic and ruthless. A lovely lions head atop a rosewood cane can be stunning while a purring kitty licking a paw can be lovely and quaint. The variety of cat cane handles are quite unique and will have something for every type of cat lover, big and small.

Twisted Touring Cane Handles

The touring handle is quite comfortable and can be made to look like various animals or flowers to create a useful cane design that is also creative and interesting. A snake handle makes a wonderful touring handle while just a twisted design is also quite decorative and can be molded to appear as if is twisted wood or other materials with added texture and character.

Imitation Wooden Cane Handles
Wood finishes of a resin type handle can be made or molded to imitate wood styles from the grains and bark that appear to be stained with any color imaginable to natural pieces with knots and bumps that look like a piece of wood that may been bent or curved into a cane handle but is really a resin mold.

Basic Materials of Italian Crafted Cane Handles

The unique artistry of Italian handles is exquisite, and many of the cane handles in the animal head and handcrafted walking cane collection are made of durable materials that complement the shafts. Just as their more delicate partners, Faux Ivory is made from a resin composite, while looks as stunning as the creamy flavor of Ivory and is much more durable and will not shatter when dropped.

Resin Italian Cane Handles

A synthetic polymer material that is tough as stone but lighter than wood. It's clear plastic qualities allow it to be manipulated to create a very large base of properties such as wood or stone and molded into a figure or shape that is limitless in design and creativity. Polymer resins are used in many things to create a durable item from clear gloss finishes for woods that seal and strengthen to fully sized cast statues to imitate stone sculptures. From door knobs to bird baths and cane handles, polymer resins are quite an extensively branded item that replaces a lot of natural elements that would otherwise be harvested from nature. With resin cane handles you can have a marvelous cherry wood replica cane handle that looks incredibly real while saving from cutting down a beautiful cherry tree.

Resins that are molded for cane handles can be made to look like miniature stone sculptures of dolphins and sharks, eagles, alligators, ducks, dogs or cats to just a name a few lovely animals used to make cane handles. Some handles that are also inspiring but made form resin are angels, flowers and crosses. Ergonomic style handles such as a fritz style or a touring style with a twisted appeal can also be made of very strong polymer resins that benefit the design and the strength of the cane handle.

Italian Silver Cane Handles

Quite different from nickel plated Italian handles, pure Italian silver can be used to make exquisite cane handles that are not only a treat to own but offers some amazing artwork and detail in a variety of styles. Italian silver that is used in plating or covering molded items to create one of a kind Italian silver cane handles will be rated accordingly and are on average, 92.5 pure silver. A common grade for cane handles is R925 that represents the pure silver rating plus the "R" which stands for Rivestito which in the Italian language to English translation is "covered". This allows those shopping for cane handles to know that the entire handle is not made of pure silver, simply plated or covered in silver.

Many of the silver cane handles are made of a resin mold and the silver covers the mold which can vary from anything than can be made from resin such as unique horse or fish characters to smooth and sleek cane handles of a variety of style from touring to derby. The Italian silver finish is rare compared to nickel finishes and surpasses the polished looks of aluminum. Italian grade silver compliments many styles of cane shafts and goes well with a darkly stained or black finished beech wood to a marvelous oak or rosewood.

Faux Ivory Cane Handles

Faux ivory is a resin composite that is tinted or colored the color of natural ivory, which is not just a single color but has some grain though quite faint but is a natural appeal of ivory that is quite delicate and sophisticated for an eccentric style. A true ivory cane handle would be questionable, yet a faux ivory cane handle is quite exquisite and the resin can be formed or molded to be anything imaginable from a lovely elephant cane handle to a beautiful swan cane handle or a stunning whale cane handle. Faux ivory is used on several styles of Italian cane handles and is a popular blend of retro elegance and modern technology that creates an antiquity of style. The resin is molded with incredible detail and can look like a hand sculpted or carved piece of ivory with depth and texture but will not shatter when dropped.

Nickel Plated & Chrome Cane Handles

When you want shiny and bold, nickel plating is a very efficient way to coat a cane handle with a durable metal that will not chip and flake and can be combined with a chrome finish that helps seal the nickel. The chrome-nickel plating technique provides a bluish luster to the already very shiny nickel and protects the nickel, sealing it from rust and corrosion.

Nickel plating can be done on a variety of materials and most cane handles with chrome and nickel plating are resin or brass molds. The nickel gives the appearance of polished metals with a mirror like finish. Nickel plating does not have to be chromed either to create the mirror like finish, The nickel is the shiny mirror like component of the chrome process, and the chrome only provides a sealant, In addition, the blue hue to the nickel plating is very thin and opaque in coverage. Nickel plating that does not have a chrome finish will be just as shiny but with a yellow hue.

The Best in Italian Handcrafted Handles

Intricate handcrafted and animal head walking cane handles from Italy are highly sought-after, as they provide complimentary and elegant designs for superior canes that add a touch of class. Most medical canes will not use Italian handcrafted handles because of the added expense and the styles are not made to be comfortable and reliable as weight bearing but are more for character. The character and intrigue that the Italian style creates is sophisticated and in the world of canes is comparable to the Ferrari of cars.

Italian sophistication is not an acquired taste, but one that is quite popular and defines the grade of artistry and material that is put into the cane handle as a whole. The exquisite craftsmanship is truly top of the line and the handles are of the highest grade in quality. Many Italian handcrafted or animal head walking canes are sold out or discontinued due to the stature to which they are limited because of the great deal of time that is dedicated to each piece. Many limited edition styles of canes are Italian handcrafted and will not be mass produced. You can guarantee that you are truly getting a unique style of cane artistry when you choose a handle of Italian craftsmanship.