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Take a look at some of our highest-selling stylish walking canes and walking sticks. We always have the right choice for everyone.

Men’s Canes

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Here you’ll find the best collection of walking canes and walking sticks available that will appeal to any type of cane user.

For the last 23 years we have scoured the world to find and create a variety of over 1000+ canes.

From casual cane users who are looking to up their style with a pearlz cane to cane collectors looking for a hand carved artisan cane to add to their collection you will surely be able to find what you are looking for.

There are also many functional canes designed with a purpose such as canes with seats to canes with stun guns.

Women’s Canes


For those who are looking for a unique, stylish accessory for everyday use or a special event, You have come to the perfect place to find your newest cane.

Our selection of women’s walking sticks features stunning canes and designs.

Many of our female customers become avid cane collectors because they want to match their cane accessory to their outfits.

With our combinations of various high-quality cane brands that have unique colors patterns and handles, there’s always a new ladies’ walking cane to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Shop by Handle Style

When deciding which handle style might be best for you, it is important to keep comfort and style in mind. From our popular derby handle canes to our ornate animal and novelty canes there is truly something for everyone.


Shop Curated Collections

We reached out to some of our biggest fans and asked them to pick out their favorite products! Check out these curated collections to see what other Fashionable Cane users are buying.

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The Bubbly Babe

Meet Janine

“When I walk with my fashionable cane I feel proud. I get so many compliments especially when they match my outfits, they are great conversation starters and like shoes you can never have enough”.

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The Connoisseur

Meet Fernando

A historian and cane collector. “I love the history of canes and how they have evolved from a symbol of high status, to a sign of authority, to now a fashionable accessory”. Fernando has been collecting canes for 10 years and has them displayed in his home.

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The Classic Gentleman

Meet Rob

Rob started using a cane after a total knee replacement. “I understand some of the challenges first time cane users might feel when first walking with a cane. Once you get over the hurdle that you need to use a cane, you gain your independence back and that is a great feeling”. Rob uses his cane on days his knee acts up.

Cane Stands

Storage and Display

Cane Stands

Looking for a way to hold all your canes? We have many cane stands in different finishes for your collection. From American oak to pine, from square to circle, you’re sure to find one that fits in your home. Keep your canes in the best condition by storing them upright in a safe place. Your cane will be ready when you need it, and you can show off your collection with a stunning display.

Featured Brands

At Fashionable Canes, we strive to provide our customers with products from the most up-to-date and relevant brands that are made with the finest materials.

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The leader for over 22 years, we are proud to offer many different high-quality walking canes and walking sticks that provide our customers with the best of both worlds. Visit our store in sunny Clearwater, FL!

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Step with Confidence: Premium Walking Canes and Walking Sticks

We are proud to offer a magnificent selection of high-end canes for sale. Users interested in a classic look will love our wooden canes made from an expansive assortment of different types of wood ranging from classic ash to exotic Zebrano.

Those looking to add some colorful flair to their wardrobe should look no further than our brightly patterned aluminum canes that are available in an array of exciting designs.

For the most lightweight and maneuverable experience, try our sleek carbon fiber canes! Carbon fiber is one of the lightest and most durable materials on the market, providing exceptional support and mobility, also making this a favorite of users with active lifestyles.

With so many beautiful and reliable materials to choose from, we are sure that anyone will find an elegant or cool cane in our supply to fall in love with.

Discover a wide selection of folding canes, staffs, assistive canes, crutches, quad canes, offset canes, walking sticks, walkers, stylish canes, shillelaghs, and handrails designed to enhance mobility and provide stylish support for individuals of all ages and needs.