Brass Handle Walking Canes

Our brass and chrome canes are assembled in the USA. The handles are designed and crafted by skilled artisans, and feature a careful and meticulous attention to detail. The most noticeable difference between the brass canes we sell and most others in the market is the time taken to polish the handles after they are casted. These brass canes are the finest and most unique designs you can buy. The quality of a brass cane has to do with the metal composition of the brass and the quality of the hand polishing of the handles after they are molded. Its takes a skilled person to be able to polish the brass in a way to make them luster and shine. The golden color and detail makes them appear very luxurious. The collars are gold and will not tarnish over time like many other brass canes in the market. You can really top off this cane with an upgraded Gold or Silver Plated collar. Each includes a fine, hardwood shaft that includes a vanish to weatherproof the wood and make care and cleaning a breeze. The brass and chrome cane handles are well known for their durability and are sure to last as a part of your collection or wardrobe for years to come. Shop for your walking cane today!

Brass Canes and More

If you are looking for the classic, stylish appeal of one of these brass canes, then you will also enjoy shopping many of our other selections. Try our silver canes for hand-crafted beauty that is hard to rival, or look to our genuine museum replicas for styles that were fit for the most particular cane wielders from before our time. Also be sure to stop by our vintage canes for looks that have lasted for centuries. Once you have made your choice, be sure to look to our cane accessories for more ways to customize your walking aide from wrist straps to personalized cane engraving and more. No matter what your style, we have the variety you have been looking for at prices you can afford.

For over a decade we have scoured the globe to provide the largest catalog of walking aides on the web. We are confident that no matter what your needs, we have the walking stick or cane that you have been searching for. With an extensive reputation of strong customer service practices, we know that you will enjoy shopping at Thank you for your business!