Caring for your Cane

Walking canes are fairly maintenance-free devices, with little extra care necessary to keep them in working order. However, taking the time for some routine care will help your cane last longer and perform its best.

Cleaning: How to Clean a Cane

Canes are used outside frequently so they will get dirty. Luckily it is easy to clean a cane. The best way to clean a cane is to wet a micro-fiber cloth with mild, soapy water and gently clean the surface. This method works on certain wood, most plastic/lucite, metal, and carbon fiber canes.

Be careful not to use harsh chemicals on your cane, especially finished wood canes. Depending on the finish, it might fade or cause discoloration. Some chemicals can even strip off certain types of finishers. Other products may leave a slippery film. Use products designed to clean wood canes instead. In particular lucite canes should NOT be cleaned with Windex or other window cleaners. These cleaners can actually cause the clear acrylic to look dull and hazy instead of clear and shiny.

Cleaning Wood Canes

Wood canes have special finishes that can be damaged by harsh soaps, chemicals or detergents. So, when cleaning a wood cane avoid using any of these products to prevent damage to the finish. Use a wood polish, cleaner and conditioner like Howard's Feed-n-Wax Wood Preserver to clean, polish and protect your cane. For cleaning, we recommend Howard's Orange oil. Gently wipe the cane with this cleaner to remove dirt, stains and build-up for cleaner cane that looks its best.

Cane Storage

Cane storage is very important for both the life of the cane and its performance. Always store a cane on a cane stand when possible, or on some kind of a rack or shelf. Avoid leaning the cane against a wall as this can cause warping on some canes over time. Store a cane in a cool and dry place away from excess heat, cold, water or sunlight.

General Cane Maintenance

There are just a few things to be mindful of when maintaining a cane. First, be sure to change your rubber cane tips and grips as they wear down. They will not perform as well once the rubber wears out. A worn out rubber tip can expose the slick point of a wood or metal cane causing it to slip on some surfaces. You can buy cane tips in any cane store or online right here. Shop for cane tips and accessories.

Care & Maintenance Accessories

There are many cane accessories available to help you care for your walking cane. These include handy cane holders which can mount on a desk and store your cane safely, cane stands to store canes, and cane straps. You can also find many useful cane accessories to improve your cane like replacement cane bases and tips, tri-pod cane tips, ice grips, foam and rubber grips and tips and more. Take the same care with your accessories and make sure to replace them as they wear down so your cane performs its best.

*** Canes are only used for casual or novelty use and are not promoted or used for medical use.***