Adjustable Canes

Ajustable canes offer the convenience of a lightweight mobility aid with the benefit of a telescoping shaft that allows you to easily adjust it with a touch of a button. Unlike many walking canes at the big box stores, we offer many beautiful fashion patterns that will match your attire. From simplistic and traditional patterns to floral and nature designs, our adjustable cane selection allows you to find the perfect cane for any occasion. In addition to various designs, we offer traditional and folding adjustable walking sticks. Often, the adjustable folding cane is preferred for traveling or for when you’d like to easily tuck away your walking stick.

Adjustable Designer Canes for Collectors.

Fashion sense is a must and adjustable canes with designer patterns are canes that let you walk with style.

The Mechanics of Adjustable Designer Canes

Adjustable designer canes will have a standard range for various heights and are easy to adjust in height. The adjustable mechanism is very easy to use and can be adjusted by engaging the mechanism with the push of the button. The cane can then be raised or lowered and locked into the correct height setting.

Changing the height of a cane can be determined by the types of shoes one wears to the types of terrain that will be traveled upon. Some may need a higher setting when walking with shoes with higher heels or when not using shoes around the house.

Designer Adjustable Folding Walking Canes for Travel

Designer canes that fold away easily are great as everyday canes, as an emergency backup cane in your car or are perfect for traveling. Many of the folding adjustable canes not only tuck away neatly and put in most purses or handbags. The adjustable walking canes can be a fashionable statement for your next event.

Every Style of Adjustable Cane to Fit Your Needs

Our offset-handle adjustable canes feature a soft, padded handle that will evenly distribute your weight along the length of the shaft, or for a more distinguished look, be sure to check out our fancy adjustable canes. When you shop our collection of beautiful, eye-catching models, we are sure you will discover what you have been searching for.

We've scoured the globe to bring you this exclusive selection of mobility aids, and we are confident that our catalog includes the one of the largest ranges of available options on the web. For more than a decade we've been proud to offer such a wide variety to our loyal customers, and we are more than happy to offer it to you today at such affordable prices. Make sure you look through our folding canes which features many adjustable models, and once you have made your selection, be sure to stop by our accessories to find the perfect finishing touch like a wrist strap or a replacement tip.

Affordable Designer Adjustable Walking Canes for Everyday and Special Occasions

Designer walking canes can be a great way to make a boring medical cane that looks like you walked out of a hospital to a fashion statement that starts conversations. An adjustable walking cane with HD Pattern designer handles can be a wonderful addition to to your wardrobe collection.

Canes were once seen as a fashion statement in the early 19th century and are now making a comeback. Many famous people like Brad Pitt or Madonna are walking with a cane as a fashion statement in music videos or after an injury. They are once again becoming a fashion. The price of a fashionable cane is usually much less than a pair of shoes and you most likely use it much more than a pair of dress shoes that will sit in your closet. Buy a Fashionable Adjustable Cane Today!