These heavy-duty canes provide unmatched durability and unbeatable style. Our selection of extra-strong walking canes includes reliable and fashionable walking sticks that will withstand the tests of time no matter the amount of stress they are put under. Constructed using expert techniques to enhance the resiliency and lengthen the life of these heavy-duty walking canes, our big and tall canes are crafted from only the finest materials—including beechwood and other reliable hardwoods—and feature beautiful details such as genuine brass collars and deep, rich finishes. Don't sacrifice style for strength—with a sturdy walking cane from our outstanding selection, you won't have to. Browse this extensive selection to find xl and extra strength walking canes in a variety of styles; from the swirling patterns of our acrylic handles, to the refined, distinguished appearance of our genuine silver-plated handles. No matter if you want simple or sophisticated, we have the options you want at prices you can afford. Order yours today!

Big and Tall Canes are Extra Strong and Provide the Best Support

Back strain and leg pain can be cumbersome and an extra-strong walking cane can help alleviate pain and free one to enjoy added mobility and stature. A series of strong and durable canes are provided with an assortment of styles to serve the sophisticated needs of taller men and women. The best tips for uses of a sturdy and durable can be to simply enjoy the added support that can be offered when walking and leaning.

Extra strong canes are made form the best hardwoods that cane bear extreme weights without cracking or breaking. The types of woods used in most heavy-duty walking sticks are harvested from aged trees. These tough hardwoods are adorned to be used as canes and other highly artistic and interesting tools such as baseball bats and ax handles. Common woods can range from Walnut to Ash and all make wonderful cane shafts and create a beautiful piece of art.

Beautiful Hardwoods Used for Extra-Strong Walking Canes

Friendly harvesting of valuable hardwoods can make the canes loved by collectors today and are very valuable and useful due to the intended benefits. Finding the perfect wood style for a cane improves value and adorns a wardrobe matching taste and style perfectly. Fashionable hardwoods such as oak and ash can be challenged by beautiful dense woods such as cherry and walnut in superiority and appeal.

Extra-Strong Ash Wood Canes

Ash Wood

Ash is highly similar to oak in the grain style and is a very hard wood that makes a great cane shaft or handle and is also used to make premium hard wood baseball bats. The very durable style of ash wood makes it one of the most popular woods to use in cane making next to oak and beech wood. The ash wood series of canes can be made from a variety of ash wood types, white ash which has an excellent grain pattern and is the strongest of the ash wood species. Other ash types do not grow as tall and can have issues due to sensitivity which is limiting to its uses.

Extra-Strong Beech Wood Canes


Beech wood is native to Asia, Europe and America and has been a long time favorite in cane manufacturing, German beer making and used to roast hams and succulent meats adding flavor and depth. The hard refined beech wood has an elegant and light grain that stains easily and produces a slightly yellow cream when left natural and glossed or sealed. The extra strong beech wood canes seen today can be stained from black to light and will represent durability and beautiful styles of that can be used daily.

Extra-Strong Oak Wood Canes

Oak Wood

Oak has been a diverse tree that has many uses and its strong branches can be fashioned into many unique cane styles. The styles can be carved by hand, as one piece cane style or processed and made to be an extremely strong cane that is not only elegant and beautiful but highly durable and made of a dense hard wood that is hard to damage. The basic strengths of the oak are that it produces nuts but also grows easily and makes wonderful pieces of wooden needs. The canes made of oak can have a variety of stain finishes to match the unique need of the various oak species.

Specialty Extra-Strong Walking Canes and Rare Hard Woods

Zebra Wood


A very rare breed of wood that is hard to find and in some areas protected from harvesting. The zebra wood is so named due to the extremely dark color of the grain and the light cream color of the wood pattern that resembles a zebra's stripes. The wood, while quite fashionable is extremely hard to find and is sometimes used in larger pieces to highlight the stunning pattern but is also extremely strong and presents a beautiful appearance for cane shafts and handles. It is quite easy to turn and can be a very interesting piece. Especially when it is created with an even cross cut to display its exquisite grain patterns.

Derby-Style Cane Handles of Durable Walking Canes

The style of handle can make a big difference when needing extra support and strength. The derby style of cane handle can be a very durable handle that not only provides a strong supporting base but also is very comfortable when needing extra support. It will not cut into the hand or cause wrist strain. It is also an ease to hang from the arm or a chair back when not in use and the hook of the derby style handle keeps the cane from slipping in its resting place.

Super-Heavy-Duty Silver Walking Canes that are Adjustable and Durable

Heavy-duty walking canes are designed to handle the most weight one can apply; some canes are designed for up to 700 lbs. The incredible strength and durability of the heavy duty and extra tall walking canes are made of the strongest stainless steel and formed with an offset handle that not only adds the best in strength support but also helps add balance, shifting the center of gravity to the user, not the cane tip. Although, there are extra durable tips can be provided with same options for other canes such as ice grip tips and tripod tips that further improve traction and stability.

Offset Handles and Comfort Grips

To add extra support, the handles are styled as offset to help add extra balance and stability to a very strong cane. The offset style sets the center of gravity to the user and not at the tip of the cane shaft which could slip if too much weight was directed incorrectly. The offset handle will help improve stability and keep the tip from slipping or from throwing the user off balance. With extra tall canes and heavy duty varieties, the cane handle style can be quite beneficial and the comfort grip adds to the increased benefits of an offset style. The comfort grip is a strong durable foam or rubber that can withstand heavy gripping and weight bearing stances and still feel comfortable in the palm and creates an anti-slip feature for safe support.

Choosing the Best Cane for the Taller Man and Woman

Finding a cane that is the right height and also allows for the needed weigh limit options can limit ones options when shopping for a cane as an accessory or for medical needs. The superior styles we offer are not only stylish but also very strong, durable and extra tall for the best fits for those who are a bit above the rest. The extra tough derby style cane handles and extra hard wood used in the handles and shafts make our extra-strong walking canes the top in dependability and provide the best support.

Taller men and women will benefit from the taller cane styles available and will help them to avoid back pain or shoulder strain and keep them from also stooping to use a weight bearing cane. The effects of having the right height of cane are many from the wrist to the shoulder, neck, back, hips and legs. The extra added strain of bending when trying to walk can be very uncomfortable and dangerous throwing one off balance. The extra tall and extra strong canes available are quite unique and offer various styles to not only compliment the taller features but higher refined tastes as well.

Not just XL Canes with Comfort, Style and Resiliency

When you purchase your heavy duty cane from, you'll receive a walking stick that is durable, fashionable and comfortable. Each of these extra strength canes and xl canes features the classic, ergonomic design of a derby handle that will help evenly distribute weight throughout the shaft to make it as pleasurable to use as it is able to depend on. Make sure you look at our selection of extra length canes, as well as our complete selection of ergonomic canes for walking aides that are created to fit with your needs. For a strong walking stick for an outdoors trip, make sure to stop by our vast array of options found in our hiking sticks. Whether you need the lasting durability and dependability of an extra-strength cane, or you prefer knowing that your walking stick is designed to last, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection.

For over a decade we have been developing a strong foundation of loyal customers, and we are excited to add you as one of our clientele. We search far and wide to provide you with one of the finest selections of fashionable walking aids on the web, and we are confident that you will enjoy looking through what we have to offer. Thank you for visiting today!