Exotic Ebony Wood Walking Canes

These rare and exotic wood canes are sure to make your wardrobe one-of-a-kind. From Ebony canes to genuine zebrano, wenge wood, or rosewood canes and many, many more. Every one of these canes is chosen from the finest and strongest woods available and designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and stability. Assembled with threaded steel studs, these canes are specially designed to direct the user's weight over the shaft ensuring maximum stability and comfort. The shafts are not painted or stained; instead, you see the true beauty of the rare, exotic wood cane. The wood is kiln-cured and crafted for strength and durability, and the shaft is treated with a semi-gloss and water-resistant finish, making a walking aide that is resistant to splitting, cracking and splintering. When you shop for an ebony cane or other exotic wood with us, you can rest assured that your purchase will last for years to come.

Hardwood Canes, Ebony Canes and More

Make sure you look through all of our wooden canes for even more designs. For more examples with the strength of a hardwood cane or ebony cane, make sure to stop by our extra strong canes. Once you have made your selection, you should browse our accessories to find a range of ways to personalize your purchase. Thank you for shopping with us today!


ebony canes

A dark, jet black wood that has a natural high gloss shine that makes an impressive handcrafted cane. One of the hardest woods available.


zebrano canes

This beautiful wood has distinctive stripes that are truly unique and striking. This wood is used to equip fine automobiles and dashboard trim in luxury cars.


amaranth canes

Known as purplewood, this beautiful red-violet-brown wood changes to bright purple when left untreated. The wood is treated at just the right moment to capture the bright violet grain color.


rosewood canes

One of the most famous exotic woods. This gorgeous wood has a reddish orange color with beautiful dark wood grain that makes a very beautiful walking cane.

Ebony wood is known as one of the most beautiful woods made by nature. It is a dark, exotic, jet black wood with milky brown streaks—which makes beautiful black wood walking canes. When this wood is hand polished by a wood craftsman it has a natural high gloss shine that makes an elegant and very impressive ebony wood cane. Made of one of the hardest and densest woods, these ebony walking sticks will actually sink in water. Ebony wood was widely used in Paris in the 16th century to make the finest cabinetry for the French bourgeoisie. The Luxurious Ebony wood accented with handcrafted pewter collars makes the ultimate classic ebony wood cane that some people refer to as the "Rolls Royce" of walking canes.