Walking Cane Accessories

Our selection of walking cane accessories has everything you need to complete, upgrade, or enhance your walking cane. Whether you just made a purchase or you are looking to add to your trusty cane, you can find it here with our selection of walking cane parts supplies. And with such affordable prices, you'll love shopping through these cane accessories.

Walking Cane Accessories for Any Purpose

We have gathered these walking cane accessories from across the globe, and are proud to be able to offer such a vast selection to our loyal customers. Browse our selection to find replacement cane parts for some of our models, or new cane tips when yours becomes old and worn. If you are an avid cane collector, why not display them in an elegant cane stand, or customize your favorite piece with our cane personalization engraving?

Whether you would like to add the convenience of a cane holder-clip to balance your walking aide on a table, or you'd like to make your cane more secure and stable under icy conditions with our ice safety equipment, our selection has all of the walking cane accessories you need.

Due to high demand, we have added a robust collection of supportive and large cane tips and wrist straps for walking canes to provide extra support. In addition, we understand your walking cane is an extension for the success of your mobility. We wouldn’t want you to damage your walking aid, therefore, we also have cane covers for a walking cane available.

If you are looking to make a walking cane look new again make sure to check out the howards wood wax. Its one of our most popular and highest rated maintenance products we sell. We offer a wide range of rubber cane tips. They range from low profile tips which are not as large as standard rubber tips to colorful tips to add some flair to your cane. We do offer flat rate shipping for small accessory orders. When you order your accessories from us you can be sure you are going to receive a quality product.