Cane Parts & Other Accessories

Find everything you need to repair or enhance your walking cane in our walking cane parts section. In addition, you can find other items to assist with your daily activities. Whether you would like to replace the flask in your hidden flask cane, or you would like to add a new foam handle that adds comfort and ease-of-grip, you'll find it here in our selection of replacement cane parts. Not only do we have parts for walking canes, but we also cane parts for hiking staffs and walking sticks. Be sure to check out our full selection of cane accessories. This section is dedicated for unique cane parts and other non-walking cane related accessories.

Replacement Cane Parts and More Accessories

If you made it this far, you are probably looking for a different type of cane part or accessory. Our selection of tips for walking sticks, staffs and canes includes a variety of rubber tips in various colors and sizes. This also includes large cane bases. We even have ice cane tips and ice walking safety equipment for when the weather turns cold and ice becomes an issue for basic travel.

For the cane collector, you may find our wooden cane stands as a valuable accessory for the organization of your beautiful assortment of walking canes. You can even protect your canes or take them on the go with one of our walking cane covers. Now, if you are worried about your cane falling and taking damage, we do sell a type of walking cane holder that allows attachment to any flat surface.

You can even try a cane wrist chain or strap to aid in the prevention of dropping your cane while out for a walk. Finally, we do offer personalized cane engravings on most canes. It's the perfect accessory to add on for a gift or to even label with your address, phone number and name in the event you forget your cane.