Self-defense walking sticks—like the popular sword canes—feature ingenious designs that have been the subject of awe and envy of collectors for centuries. What walking cane or walking stick enthusiast hasn't seen one of these meticulously crafted pieces and wanted one for their collection? It's handy to have a self-defense walking cane right at hand to protect you in case of an unexpected attack. Having a knife concealed in a walking cane inconspicuously is always the safe move, offering more peace of mind, especially when there are rabid neighborhood dogs or other dangers and threats out there. Browse our selection of defense and knife canes and you'll find many unique styles and options. These include Damascus blade sword cane blades, French silver plated handles, and even an umbrella that is perfect for that stormy day. We sell high-quality self-defense walking sticks, hand-crafted by skilled artisans with a high level of quality for better performance. We do not sell cheap imitation China imports. They simply cannot match the high quality of these canes below. It's all about your safety. We know our customers will only trust the very best canes for self-defense.