Exotic Ebony Wood Canes

Exotic ebony wood canes are an exquisite option for special occasions or a luxurious everyday look. Ebony is a dark, jet black wood that has a natural high gloss shine that makes an impressive, handcrafted cane. One of the hardest woods available.

Ebony wood is known as one of the most beautiful woods made by nature. It is a dark,  exotic, jet black wood with milky brown streaks—which makes beautiful black wood walking canes. When this wood is hand polished by a wood craftsman it has a natural high gloss shine that makes an elegant and very impressive ebony wood staff. Made of one of the hardest and densest woods, these ebony walking sticks will actually sink in water. Ebony wood was widely used in Paris in the 16th century to make the finest cabinetry for the French bourgeoisie. The Luxurious Ebony wood accented with handcrafted walking cane collars makes the ultimate exotic ebony wood cane that some people refer to as the "Rolls Royce" of walking canes.