Italy 925R Sterling Silver Imports

Nothing embellishes a cane like a silver handle, these 925R sterling silver canes are made in Italy where craftsmanship is synonymous with quality. The 925R means that they are not solid sterling silver but instead are coated with 92.5% sterling silver over a molded handle. These canes are some of the most luxurious canes in the market and can be used both with casual attire and for that formal event. Either way you will be walking with a classy style. Timeless and classic they are a genuine fashion statement that will leave an impressionable statement when you walk by.

Nothing embellishes a cane like sterling silver accents, pure silver medallions and exquisite silver handles of many shapes and sizes. A black stained beech wood cane with silver accents and a silver handle of a horse's head or detailed ball are exquisite and speaks of status and taste of the finer things in life. A silver cane handle can have many attributes and decorate a formal suit on special occasions or a nice business dinner. You can stroll through the grounds in a casual dress with friends or to your weekly poker tournament. A sterling silver cane handle is timeless and a genuine fashion statement as well as useful leaning device.