Zap Cane - Stun Gun Rechargeable Cane with LED Flashlight

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The Tip size on this cane is 22mm.

SKU: 92005

The Zap Cane (or taser cane) might look like a typical walking cane, but looks can fool you! In the event of a violent assault from a wild neighborhood dog or criminal, you'll enjoy security and stability with the built in rechargeable stun gun. This self-defense cane is capable of delivering a staggering 1 million volts of stopping power to your would-be assailants, thus giving you time to get away to safety and it causes no lasting harm to your attacker. The loud noise alone will scare off any would-be attackers as well.

The Zap cane is a must-have safety device for anyone who enjoys an evening stroll around the block or in the neighborhood. It is convenient too. The cane has a built-in taser gun powered by a rechargeable battery that does not need to be replaced. Every charging cycle lasts up to 3 months and gives you the ability to shock up to 500 times. It is also adjustable in length from 32 to 36 inches. It comes equipped with a comfortable rubber hand grip, an ultra-bright 30-lumen LED flashlight and a removable reflective safety band for added safety. The zap cane has a 250-pound weight capacity and comes with a nylon carrying can and a plug-in wall charger.

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Click here for information on how to use, charge and adjust this cane.

  • For your safety & Proper Use, Please read our Zap Cane Instruction Guide.
  • Great protection against rabid dogs, criminals among other things.
  • Adjustable Length 32-36"
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs.
  • With ultra-bright LED flashlight
  • Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Includes wall charger and carrying case

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Technical Specs

  • SKU 92005
  • Max User Weight 250 Pounds
  • Adjustable Size 32-36 inches
  • Max User Height 6'0" Approx.
  • Tip Size 22mm
  • The Tip size on this cane is 22mm. This cane does come with 1 complementary tip on the cane. If you need an extra tip please go Here.

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 250lbs. and up to 6'0"in Height. More info
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Zap Cane - Stun Gun Rechargeable Cane with LED Flashlight