Burt Reynolds: The Fashionable Bandit Who Uses a Fashionable Cane - Fashionable Canes

When it comes to masculine hunks of the 20th century, Burt Reynolds certainly comes to mind. Back in the 1970s, Reynolds spent five years straight as number one at the box office with movies such as “Deliverance” and the “Smokey and the Bandit” series. His daring ways, signature smile, and fashionable style made ladies swoon and men just a bit jealous. Even though Reynolds is now over 80, he still is remembered by many as a macho Hollywood icon. Here are five things you might not know about Burt Reynolds.

1. He Did a Cosmo Spread

Although Reynolds already met the description of tall, dark and handsome for many women during the beginning years of his film career, he showed a different side of himself when he agreed to pose nude on a bearskin rug for a Cosmo spread in 1972. Unfortunately, according to his interview with Business Insider, Reynolds feels that agreeing to do the spread caused him to not be taken as seriously as an actor, and he has regrets. But others don’t have such regrets. It was, in fact, Reynolds’ daring photo shoot that became the springboard for Playgirl magazine. Douglas Lambert, owner of the Playgirl Club, saw that women responded with gusto to Reynolds’ centerfold and decided to give women more of what they wanted by launching the iconic magazine.

2. He Was a Total Badass

Even though his mustache and hair have turned silver and he’s now in the twilight years of his life, Reynolds was once a total badass. Unlike many Hollywood actors—especially those who star in leading roles—Reynolds opted to do his own stunts, more than once. In fact, when he filmed the NBC series “Riverboat,” he opted not to use a stunt double and even asked the writers to write in some extra stunts for him: “I prayed I’d have a stunt to do because I felt so confident doing those. But there weren’t that many,” Reynolds told Variety in a 2015 interview. The trend of doing his own stunts continued. In one particularly dangerous stunt during the filming of “Deliverance” in the 1970s, Reynolds rolled out of a canoe, went over the falls, and cracked his tailbone on a rock. Afterward, he got caught in the hydrofoil and ended up about a mile downriver before he could pull himself out, according to a 2016 interview Reynolds did with Business Insider. In the interview, Reynolds states that doing his own stunts was a “dumb macho thing.”

3. His Use of a Cane Is Due to His Past Choices

Yes, the Bandit is over 80, and older people who suffer from stiffness or injury often opt for canes to give them the support they need when walking. But Reynold’s reason for using his fashionable cane isn’t due to a bout of arthritis or from stepping off the curb the wrong way. Instead, it’s because he always refused a stunt double during his moviemaking days. In a 2015 interview with the Daily Mail, he admitted that the reason he can’t walk very well is because he did all his own stunts. Furthermore, Reynolds said that he can point to certain places on his body and know which of his movies the pain results from.

4. He Doesn’t Mind Having to Use a Cane

Reynolds doesn’t view his walking cane as a hindrance. Instead, he uses it with pride. As would be expected from a man of his taste, Reynolds’ canes of choice come from It easy to assume that Reynolds most likely appreciates the pricing, service and fantastic selection of custom, quality canes provided by the company. In fact, he’s been purchasing canes from for years and owns various styles, including at least one with an engraving. The cane that Reynolds likes and uses the most, however, is the Brass Fritz Handle Walking Cane with customizable shaft and collar—a sharp-looking, yet quite elegant cane that denotes the smart fashion sense of its owner.

5. He Has a Knack for Appearing Fashionable

It’s rare that you’ll see Reynolds without his stylish rose-colored glasses, which look especially good when he pairs them with an elegant black suit—and of course his favorite fashionable cane. It’s no doubt that Reynolds still cuts a striking figure in public and hopefully will do so for years to come.