Cherry Wood Walking Canes

Cherry wood is a strong, beautiful hardwood with a fine grain and a distinctive reddish tint that every wood enthusiast loves. It is a wonderful product for constructing a walking cane for several reasons, from the appearance to the strength, stain-ability and more.

Strength of Cherry Walking Canes

Cherry is a very tough, resilient wood. Often used as a high-end flooring material, it adapts well to both humid and arid conditions, making it a wonderful walking cane for both summer and winter use. It is rigid, with very little give, but unlike some of the other excessively hardwoods like hickory, it is not very susceptible to cracking, breaking or splitting. When used to craft a walking cane, it is rarely used as a material for a heavy-duty cane, since extra-strong canes require a little more give than cherry offers.

The Beauty of Cherry Wood Can't be Duplicated

Although some might claim a dark walnut is as beautiful, and surely a blackthorn walking stick is just as unique, there is no mistaking a lovely cherry wood walking cane from any other piece. The lovely grain pattern and pink-to-reddish hue of the wood's natural colors make it a wonderfully beautiful piece, and there is no other material that it holds stain or varnish in quite the same way. While it may not be the style that every cane user appreciates, the antique, vintage look of cherry wood in a walking cane is a distinctive look that the most refined users always love.

Although it isn't everyone's favorite, this rare, exotic wood walking cane is a lovely piece that should be considered for every collector.