Real Cool Gifts for an Uncle from Niece or Nephew

Stylish, Cool and Unique, Hats & Canes are Excellent Uncle Gifts Ideas

Looking to find really cool gifts for an uncle from a niece or nephew? There's no need to settle for a "World's Awesomest Uncle" coffee mug. Get him something he'll actually like-and won't shelve immediately along with all the other cheesy gifts he gets.

We have a few better ideas for an uncle's gifts right here. Those that show him you think he's worthy of a real gift. They're uncle gifts you'll be proud to give and made for an uncle who's done plenty to deserve them. Modern, fashionable, and most of all unique, they make a good impression-one that says we get you, and we appreciate you.

These uncle gift ideas will make him look great today. Full of true style and personality, they're something he may not expect but will be happy to accept.

For an uncle who understands style, wants to look his best and never phones it in a cool and stylish hat or cane is one of the best uncle gifts to buy this year.

1. Fedora Hats

Why settle for a World's Best Uncle Hat why you can give him a hat that shows you really believe this is true! A cool, modern felt fedora is the perfect gift for an uncle from a niece of nephew who cares and gets modern style. A fedora is sharp, fashionable and most of all totally cool. He can add it to any outfit and crank his style volume up past ten immediately. He'll appreciate this, especially if your uncle has a special date.

Choose from cool and unique gift ideas like a felt fedora hat, or as stylish and casual straw fedora. They are great at the beach, club, at the park or out on the town. There's other options too. If he likes the outdoors a sun hat, or safari hat is a great gift idea.

2. Bowler or Derby Hat

If your uncle has a really unique and classic style a Bowler hat (also called a derby hat) is the right choice. It makes a cool and unique gift for any uncle who has a charisma and vibe that's down to earth but sophisticated. The bowler hat is commonly worn by both businessmen and middle class in the UK. With a round crown and curled brim it has an air of hardy, hands-on competence blended with upscale style. Get one for the uncle who is truly authentic and original!

3. Flat Caps or Newsies

The flat cap is another authentic hat with a classic throw-back look that will upgrade your favorite uncle's style. What's even better? The look goes with just about anything. From his favorite jeans-and-t-shirt outfit to a sport coat and shirt-flat caps bring it, uncle-style. They are one of the best gifts for an uncle from nieces and nephews.

There are several types to choose from too. From classic plaid to leather, there's a style that adds swagger to any outfit.

4. Lion Head or Animal Cane

A great gift for older uncles, or young uncles who just had surgery or could use walking assistance, a cane should be at the top of your uncle gift list. Even if he walks perfectly fine, these accessories are so stylish and unique now, that he might want one just to look cool.

Canes today come in so many styles and the patterns are so creative and bright, they are more an accessory than a walking device anyway. Cool, fashionable and hip in a way few accessories can ever be, a lion head cane (or another animal cane) is one of the most unique and coolest gifts for your uncle.

If you don't like the lion head, pick another animal cane he will adore. There are so many to choose from like eagles, frogs, snakes and more.

5. Golf Cane

Forget the golfing mug or driver's headcovers-what he needs is not another piece of equipment but a stylish accessory that shows his love for the game in an authentic way. The golf putter cane does just that. Made with a wedge handle and other golfing accents, it's the perfect complement to his wardrobe, and especially ideal for any uncle who needs some walking assistance.

Other great gifts for an uncle's who have everything, including a hat as mentioned above, are not hard to find. Shop our hat accessories page to find something he can immediately put to use. Like our Hat Storage accessories, hat stands, cleaning supplies and more. If he already has a hat, get him something to clean and care for it and he'll appreciate you taking an interest in him!