Happy 4th of July from - Fashionable Canes

From us at, we’d like to say happy fourth of July to all of our loyal customers. Especially those brave

men and women who have served in our armed forces, defending the freedom and independence we cherish so greatly.

We have a few patriotic pieces, and this time of year, they always sell out. For instance, look into our line of patriotic canes for a few examples.

By far the most popular is our Eagle-Head Red White and Blue Cane, which, as you can see in this image, is an amazing piece of hand-carved, woodwork. The beautiful, vibrant red, white and blue colors are set into a classic, rich ovangkol wood shaft, with a stunning eagle-head handle. It’s no wonder why it is a favorite of all of our eagle canes

Again, we wish you all a happy Independence Day, and hope all of our customers and their families and loved ones had a safe and happy holiday!