How to Honor Your Irish Heritage as You Get Older

With a Gaelic revival sweeping through the United States, there has never been a better time to learn more about your Irish heritage. The country of Ireland and its descendants have a rich cultural history to take pride in, and you can join them.

Although many people of Irish descent do not participate in cultural festivities, there are plenty of enjoyable events and activities for the whole family. Here is how to honor your Irish heritage as you get older.

Show Your Spirit by Learning the Irish Language

If you feel like going above and beyond the call of duty, why not learn the Irish language? Learning a new language is the best way to honor your country’s history and assimilate into the culture.

In addition, the Irish language’s influence on English makes it one of the easier foreign languages to learn for an English speaker. One detail that many English speakers don’t know is that Irish is an entirely different language from English, and it’s not just English with an Irish accent. The more you learn about the language, the more you will appreciate the country, its people, and culture.

Increasing Your Awareness of Gaelic History Helps You Fit the Culture

With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can completely immerse yourself in Gaelic culture and history. Learning about ancient myths and traditional fashion will help you gain a greater appreciation of the traits that define Ireland.

For example, the Blackthorn tree was known for possessing great power in the ancient world. If you want to wear your Irish heritage on your sleeve, consider using a blackthorn cane when walking through your neighborhood.

Another thing you might want to look up is your lineage. If you can’t find any information on them, paid services will assist you in this endeavor.

Otherwise, you can ask family members, and they might know your genealogy. Finally, research the founding of Ireland, its norms and traditions, and try to add some of these traditions into your own life.

Gain Respect for Your Forefather’s Homeland by Listening to Irish Music

Music is the universal language of the world, and the Irish created their own distinct style of folk music. Listening to traditional Irish music helps you honor your cultural heritage by appreciating the artforms that bring your countrymen together. Specific instruments used in Irish music are a distinct feature of the genre, such as flutes, harps, and horns.

The best part about listening to Irish music is that there are songs for every occasion. Some songs are celebratory and victorious, while others are somber and thought-provoking. Whatever the case, there is an Irish song that will fit the situation.

Ireland is a beautiful country, and people worldwide travel there to learn about its history and folklore. Now that you know how to honor your Irish heritage as you get older, you can go forth and appreciate your ancestor’s way of life.