How Canes Can Help With Back Pain

When your back is hurting, it affects your mobility and the way you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from back pain every day, and their treatment costs are rising.

However, there is one overlooked method for managing back pain: canes. Learn how canes can help with back pain.

Walking With One Is a Great Source of Exercise

One of the most accessible forms of exercise with a cane is walking. Not only does walking strengthen your bones, but it can boost your leg muscles as well.

Your back muscles also receive stimulation from walking, and since a cane helps you walk, it indirectly leads to a healthier back as well. Creating a routine for walking with a cane is the best way to see improvements in mobility when you are experiencing back pain. Walking canes for men are a practical tool for this endeavor.

Using a Cane Leads to a Less Sedentary Lifestyle

Any health expert will tell you that sitting for an extended period of time isn’t healthy. Unfortunately, it’s a widespread problem in modern life.

Whether you’re working at your desk in an office or watching TV on the couch at home, both involve long periods of sitting. Sitting too long damages your muscles and cardiovascular system.

By decreasing blood flow, a sedentary lifestyle might cause muscle stiffness, which leads to back pain. Walking with a cane prevents the back pain that a sedentary lifestyle might cause.

People of All Ages Use Canes

Most people associate canes with the elderly, but that’s an inaccurate image of today’s cane users. Both old and young people use canes to assist with back pain.

Younger people dealing with issues in their back muscles or who recently had back surgery use canes to keep themselves stay active during their rehabilitation. Those who suffer from obesity also use canes because the pressure on their joints and spine makes walking very difficult. No matter the affliction, walking with a cane helps to heal.

It Also Gives You Better Posture

When you walk with two canes, your posture improves. Using two canes benefits your posture by making you walk in an upright position with equal levels of support on each side.

This helps you keep your back straight while you walk, rather than being slouched over the cane. Poor posture with a cane won’t help your back muscles get stronger, so use two if you’re experiencing this issue.

Back pain doesn’t have to put a dent in your social life. But now that you know how canes can help with back pain, why not try one out?