How to Cut Your Walking Cane Locally

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When you need to cut your cane, most of the time you would think to visit a cane store or hire someone to do it for you.

The first step is to visit your local home improvement store.

You can find stores that cut wood by a quick search online, and locate the store that’s nearest to you.

Make sure the store cuts lumber and moulding.

Bring a tape measure with you, or be sure to ask for one at the store.

Once you arrive at your local home improvement store, locate the aisle with the moulding cutting center.

Ask any of the employees, should you need assistance finding the aisle.

Lay your cane flat on the moulding table, and use the tape measure to measure the length of the cane.

Once you find the place on the cane that you’d like to cut, be sure to clearly mark the area on the cane.

Mark around the entire cane, so you can get an even cut.

Remove the rubber tip from the cane, by firmly twisting it to the left and pulling straight up, until the tip comes off.

Lay your cane back on the moulding table, and position it, so it’s ready to be cut.

Re-measure the cane twice, where you want to cut.

After measuring, cut the cane one time.

Never cut the cane at an angle.

After you cut the cane, attach the rubber tip to the bottom, and make sure it’s on securely, before using the cane again.

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