Incorporating Walking Canes into Your Personal Style

What's Your Personal Style?

Are you a Sherlock Holmes or an Auntie Mame? Do you gravitate toward subtle elegance or prefer a strong style statement? Whether you are a traditionalist or a trendsetter, you can find styles for canes that will express your personality. Think about what colors you prefer, and coordinate a cane to go with different outfits.

What's the Occasion?

You'll want a different look for a wedding or graduation then you'd use for a stroll in the country or a trip to the grocery store. Think about special events you may attend, and list your everyday places and activities. Select a different cane for formal events and another for everyday use. Soon you'll have a wardrobe of walking canes that will not only meet your physical need but accentuate your individual style.

Piece by Piece

Take if from top to bottom and consider these options:

  • Materials - canes may consist of wood, carbon fiber, or even lucite. Wood canes are classically elegant and available in ebony, oak, hickory, and many other varieties. Colors range from nearly black to reddish-brown to light butterscotch; some take stain well and their grain lends warmth. On the other hand, carbon fiber is high-tech and lightweight but very strong and comes in many decorative patterns. Lucite is transparent and quite the conversation starter! The transparent Lucite Derby Handle Walking Cane is a versatile accessory that is sure to complement anyone's unique style!



  • Features - over the centuries, people have used canes to carry or conceal perfume, pills, snuff, booze, picnic utensils, cosmetics, and even flasks. Surprise your friends by offering a wee dram of whiskey from your fashionable flask cane! However, remember to be responsible with those flask canes-you don't want to end up with crutches or a walker instead. The Chrome Fritz Handle Flask Cane is a subtle and stylish choice!


  • Accessories - add a wrist strap to compliment your cane or a matching cane holder to keep your cane near when you need to use both hands. The strap lets you pause to deal with buttoning a coat or putting on gloves, while a holder lets you rest the cane on a table or counter while making a purchase. And how about light? You can add a light to your cane for safety measures during the evening illumination. Finally, you may want to purchase a case to store and protect your special occasion canes or a bag to store your folding cane when it's not in use. Our folding cane pouch bags are perfect for travel!

Whether day or evening, city or country, there's a beautiful, fashionable cane for you!