Jennifer Lopez's Daring Super Bowl Clear Walking Cane Dance - Fashionable Canes

Jennifer Lopez lit up the Super Bowl when she took the stage and danced with a flashy walking cane as part of her halftime show choreography. In true J.Lo style, this was no ordinary walking stick. Is appears to have been a clear cane that glistened beautifully in the stage lights. J.Lo's performance is a great example of how walking canes have evolved to become a true fashion accessory in the entertainment world, which has, in turn, created a demand for more fashionable options for day-to-day users.

The Performance

The halftime show was a true spectacle to behold. Not only did Jennifer Lopez herself come equipped with a gorgeous bedazzled clear cane, but all of her backup dancers rocked these stylish walking sticks as well. They moved in unison across the stage displaying an adept mastery of dance. To become proficient at dancing is one thing, but to be able to incorporate an accessory like a walking cane into the routine without missing a beat shows off the sheer skill of J.Lo's crew.

J. Lo's Cane

Jennifer Lopez's clear cane itself was magnificent to behold. It appeared to have a clear lucite acrylic shaft, which has become all the rage among cane users everywhere in recent years. The great thing about an acrylic walking cane is that its transparent appearance will eliminate any difficulties with mixing and matching as it will go with everything! Lucite walking canes combine the durability of acrylic material with the visual appearance of real glass to create truly unique accessories. If you want to emulate J.Lo's daring lucite look, we highly recommend the Crystal Ball Handle Walking Stick With Light Up Lucite with Wenge Wood.

This glamorous walking stick is the epitome of high fashion. The lucite shaft actually lights up to recreate the appearance of the bright lights of the Super Bowl stage. The lucite handle has the appearance of a clear crystal ball to create a truly unique look. The bottom portion of the shaft is made from genuine exotic Wenge wood that contrasts beautifully with the clear acrylic.

Get the Look!

While Jennifer Lopez's choice of attire during her performance was understandably dramatic for the occasion, you can easily capture the bold spirit of her style in a toned-down everyday look. Whether you opt for a sequin top or a black off-the-shoulder blouse, any outfit is sure to pop when paired with a gorgeous lucite walking cane. Get this adventurous look today when you take home a lucite walking cane of your very own!