How to Keep your Walking Cane from Getting Lost

Sometimes people are forgetful, become distracted or otherwise accidentally leave their walking cane behind. Although it's possible that a waitress or a salesperson will notice the cane and put it aside for safekeeping, the cane's owner may not be able to remember where the cane might be and never return to ask for it.

Replacing a cane can be expensive - especially if it happens repeatedly. Don't allow it to happen. Be proactive and find out how to keep a cane from getting lost forever.

Engrave the Cane

Some canes for walking will come with the option of requesting an engraving when you order them. If you're planning to order a cane in the future, consider adding the engraving as a wise investment. For a cane that you already own, you'll need to find some way to label it. There are other engraved walking sticks that already have them built into the cane, you just need to add some messaging.

An alternative solution - though not the most elegant -is to print out an address label with your name, address and phone number and stick it somewhere noticeable on the cane. The heavy-duty, clear tape can be neatly placed over the label to prevent soiling and peeling. Although this solution wouldn't work for all cane styles, it might work well with a four-pronged cane.

If the thought of a paper label doesn't appeal to you, other options include checking with a local jewelry or trophy store to see if they offer engraving services. To learn about your options, tell the salesperson that you want to label your cane with some identifying information and ask for suggestions on how to do it.

Decorate the Cane - Add a Light and More

Decorating certain types of classic canes, such as black canes, in a way that's eye-catching might be a solution to keep it from getting lost. For example, if you have a fun or quirky personality - and you aren't worried about the cane's finish - you could wrap parts of your cane with vivid neon tape that will catch your eye.

A bonus is it will also help others notice if you forget to reach for your cane as you leave. Another solution is to attach small peel-and-stick LED lights to the cane and turn them on while you're sitting somewhere such as a waiting room, cab or restaurant. Granted, not only will this attract your attention, it will likely catch the eyes of everyone nearby.

Don't let the possibility of extra attention bother you if this solution sounds like it would work for you. Instead, focus on the payoff: The mini flashing lights will serve as a handy reminder to grab your cane when you're ready to leave your seat. A walking cane with a light not only allows you to find your cane if leave it behind but is also great for safety lighting your way to help prevent slip and falls.

Attach a Bluetooth Tracker

If using a high-tech solution is more your style, consider attaching a Bluetooth tracker to your cane. These trackers are available in different styles and have various features. The basic style gives you the ability to track your cane from the main unit or your smartphone if you leave it behind or misplace it somewhere in your home.

More advanced styles have a feature that will alert you immediately if you're leaving the cane behind. These trackers come in basic or advanced models - keep in mind that Bluetooth trackers come in different shapes and sizes and attach to items differently, so you'll need to take the time to find one that will work well with a cane.

Add a Wrist Strap

A walking cane wrist strap is a smart solution to help you keep your cane from getting lost. You simply place your hand inside the strap and leave it there, which eliminates the possibility of leaving your cane behind. The beauty of this solution is that it works well for all types and styles of canes - from standard canes to fancier models.

Additionally, wrist straps come in a variety of materials -braided leather, soft suede, crystal and chain link - to suit almost anyone's taste.

Make the Decision to Keep Your Cane Safe

Losing a cane can result in expense and frustration, but you can avoid this situation altogether by preventing the loss from ever happening. Whether you choose to accessorize with a wrist strap, mount a flashing light, attach a label to your cane or use any of the other solutions described, your actions can help you keep your cane safe.