Madonna Ages in Style with a Sword Cane

In the latest Madonna news, it seems that the superstar sustained an injury on her tour that has caused her to use a walking cane for stability in her day-to-day life, but that hasn't stopped her from expressing her bold personality and matching fashion sense. Madonna's Instagram post featuring a sword cane is making waves for all the right reasons. The short clip shows the "Like A Prayer" singer unsheathing and brandishing the walking cane's sword while demanding to be served fine wine in true Madonna style. While we think Madonna could rock (almost) any accessory, there are a few key elements that came together here to make her style as sharp as her blade. If you want to recreate Madonna's look, all you'll need is a Fashionable Sword Cane, a daring sense of style, and an understanding of cane sword laws in your jurisdiction.

Sleek Design

Madonna's cane features an intricately designed silver-tone handle that gives it the look of a real antique sword cane. To get this look for yourself, you'll want to shop only the finest sword canes for sale. This black genuine leather-wrapped sword cane's handle is a superbly close match to the unique curvature of Madonna's cane. This breathtaking cane's sword spans 23 inches, which is slightly larger than Madonna's blade appears to be, but this just leaves more room for the elegant design etched into the carbon steel blade.

Bold Look

A sword cane is a statement piece and a statement piece is a promise of bold and tasteful execution that the rest of your ensemble must live up to. We give Madonna serious props for the daring look she sported alongside her sword cane. The singer chose to go all out with a black fur/faux fur ensemble that paired exceptionally well with her unique sword cane. It's important to remember that a sword cane is a very elegant accessory, so the rest of your outfit may need to be dressed up a bit to match. If you're planning on following in Madonna's fashionista footsteps, we recommend going all black for a new-wave noir aesthetic. Pair a fur-trimmed black jacket with a pair of dark wash jeans and black flats for a look that is comfortable and yet classy enough to look sharp with an exquisite sword cane.


While celebrities like Madonna often skirt the edge of what's allowed and acceptable, it's especially important to read up on sword cane laws in your area before flaunting one of these beautiful walking sticks in public. Madonna appears to have been in Lisbon, Portugal at the time this clip was posted to Instagram. It's noteworthy that Portugal's laws actually appear to ban civilians from carrying blades longer than 10cm. Yikes! Madonna may have dodged some serious legal trouble on this one, so be sure to do your research so as not to take the same risk, yourself!

Buy a Sword Cane

Now that you've heard all about the sleek sophistication of sword canes, it's likely that you might not be able to get these stylish walking sticks out of your head. Your mind may be drawn back to it the next time you hear your favorite Madonna song and you may feel compelled to recreate the stylish singer's look. If you're looking to buy a sword cane, look no further than Fashionable Canes! We have a stunning selection of high-quality canes with hidden swords. Shop now and get Madonna's chic sword cane look today!