The Many Canes of Dr. House - Fashionable Canes

The season premiere of Fox's House, M.D. is this coming Monday, January 23, 2012. We can't wait to see which cane Dr. House will be sporting. Through the years his selection of canes have been as varied and quirky as his bedside demeanor.

Let's take a look at some of the most memorable.

Flame Tourist Walking Cane

Likely one of House's most well recognized canes, the flame cane was first introduced in season 3 and quickly became a big hit with fans.

Tourist Bull Penis Walking Cane

Featured in season 3, this cane is made of the actual reproductive organ from a bull.

Rosewood Stained Tourist Walking Cane

First featured in season 7, this cane has been House's go to cane for several seasons. The traditional Tourist style handle and classic Rosewood stain is versatile for everyday use.

Skull Handle Walking Stick with Black Beechwood Shaft

This silver-plated Skull handle walking stick was a conversation piece at one of patient brainstorming sessions in season 3.

Walnut Stained Beechwood Derby with Silver Collar

This season 1 cane is another popular item thanks to it's clean lines and classic walnut stain. This cane is actually an upgraded version of the one used on the show and features a nicer collar.

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