New Silver Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes is thrilled to introduce a new line of silver walking canes that have just been added to our selection. These new pieces are not silver-plated, or nickel-silver alloy, but rather, the top-quality handles are covered in pure 925R sterling silver, one of the finest materials available on the market.

Crafted by the most skilled artisans we could find, these silver canes are shipped to our warehouse from Italy. Take a look at our selection to see what we now have to offer. More than 20 new styles have just been added to our catalog, from more animal canes to fancy, formal silver canes and more.

Any number of faux-antique stores or novelty chains in your local shopping mall could sell you a fake silver, chrome or nickel-silver alloy cane, or if you are lucky, you might find silver-plated cane handles, but these one-of-a-kind canes are crafted using sterling-silver, which will resist wear and tear over the years. Some older

This sterling silver knob-handle cane features genuine Swarovski crystals for an added touch of sparkle.

silver-covered canes show signs of wear as the plating covering the handle will start to show the core metal underneath. Since cane manufacturers usually use solid bronze as the core metals, this creates a sharp contrast between the silver plating and the dark, lusterless color beneath.

Our new, sterling silver canes, though, will last for years when cared for properly, and will continue to offer their shiny, lusterfull shine for years to come. While with silver plating, you might not want to use different polishes that could eat through the plating to expose the core metal beneath, 925R sterling, on the other hand, accepts polishes beautifully, so you can continue to show off your new stylish piece for years to come.