Ways for Seniors To Stay Active

A large part of staying healthy is remaining physically active on a regular basis. Although many factors influence health, it’s vital that you partake in consistent physical activity. But keeping up with this exercise can be hard, especially as you get older. So, you must know some of the ways for seniors to stay active to promote healthy living.


A great way to stay active is through activities that don’t overly stress your joints. Yoga is one such activity. Additionally, yoga is an activity you can do with others or alone, allowing you to engage in it at your own speed.


Dance classes are some of the more popular ways to stay active. You can join a class that plays whatever music or style that you prefer. Moreover, learning a dance style can be great for going out and attending social events because it will allow you to impress everyone else there.


Pets are great when you want to stay physically active. Having a dog will force you to take long walks. This will cause you to exercise and get that physical activity you need daily. While not every pet requires lots of physical activity, there are plenty of animals that help you stay active as you take care of them.


Many people see golf as a rather calm sport because it doesn’t involve quick sprinting. But that is what makes it perfect for lighter exercise. Walking and standing outside can provide the exact amount of exercise you need to stay healthy. All the while, you’ll get to play a common pastime with friends.

Walking Club

Another option for staying active is to join a walking club. These clubs are great ways to connect to others while staying consistently active. They’re also very safe. After all, walking with a whole group of people is much safer than walking by yourself.


Water activities of all kinds can be effective for keeping up with physical activity. Swimming is very easy on your joints but requires lots of physical exertion. This makes it perfect for assisting in safe physical activities.

Family Activities

Another thing you can try is joining your family for physical events. Go with the kids to the park or play some simple games in the backyard. These activities can bring the family closer together while keeping you active and fit. Also, your family will be there to help you if any problems arise.


Taking a trip on a bike is a bit more dangerous than some of the other activities, but it’s great for your physical health. Riding a bike is great for your joints and can really help to build up your heart, muscles, and balance.

Sports League

There are plenty of sports that are great for physical activity. Joining a sports league can keep you accountable and pressure you to stay active. Yet again, this is a highly safe activity as well, as the people who organize these events take great care of the participants.

Local Gym

Another place worth trying is your local gym. They often have a senior discount and plenty of trainers who know how to push you while keeping you from injuring yourself. Going this route will provide some of the most intense physical activity out of these options, as long as you do it correctly.


Although it might seem weird, volunteer work can be physically draining. Working at a soup kitchen or cleaning up the local parks will take a good deal of effort and activity. Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping the community and making the world a better place.


Running a complete garden isn’t just a one-and-done deal; it requires a lot of upkeep and hard work. This makes it ideal for being active and promoting your health consistently. Not only that, but you also get a wonderful garden with fresh foods because of your hard work!


Hiking is an intense workout where you spend a long-time walking through nature. This means you get to see some amazing sites and enjoy the outdoors. However, it can be a bit intense as you walk on uneven ground. So, think about picking up some folding walking sticks, which are easy to carry and helpful for maintaining balance.

Gaming Workout

New technologies provide opportunities to explore new ways to engage with the world. Recently, video games have been moving from the screen to real life. Now, there are plenty of games that give you the ability to work out in the comfort of your own home. From dancing games to simple workout games with virtual instructors, there are all kinds of options.

Senior Center

It would be silly not to check out your nearest senior center, as they help organize many activities for the community to promote health. You can find various activities at these centers. Some may be on this list, and others might be unfamiliar. This wide selection gives you plenty of options to choose from and easy access to some really fun events and groups.

Proper Care

It’s great to talk about all these ways for seniors to stay active, but actually doing them requires a bit of preparation if you want to maintain your health. There are several things you should always do when trying to stay active, which we list here:

  1. Drink lots of water: Make sure you have access to liquids, as this will help you prevent overheating and dehydration, both of which can be very damaging.
  2. Take rest days: It can be tempting to keep pushing for exercise every day, but even the strongest bodybuilders know to take days of rest. Do the same, or else you’ll end up hurting your body.
  3. Build your way up: If you’re just starting to pick up on physical activities, don’t push yourself too hard. Start at simple things and increase the difficulties over time. Exhausting yourself on day one will only lead to harm in the future.
  4. Create a schedule: Aim for about two and a half hours of intense exercise a week, as this will help promote your body’s health the most.

These are just some tips and tricks to help you stay physically fit as you grow older. As a last piece of advice, find something that you enjoy doing. You’ll want to continue doing an activity you have fun with over time.

Ways for Seniors To Stay Active