5 Reasons a Folding Cane Might Be Right for You

Walking canes make it easier for people of all ages to move around safely. They take the pressure off the legs and provide added support for good balance. In spite of their benefits, some users still find carrying a cane to be a little inconvenient. If this sounds like you, here are five reasons a folding cane might be just what you need.


When not in use, the cane can be folded down to 11 inches in length. This type of walking aid is ideal for those who drive a small-sized car, use public transportation, or live in an apartment with limited space. It allows you to move about freely without taking up too much room for storage. The folding feature also makes the cane more discreet for those who want low-key walking support. Whether you're at a formal dinner or taking in a good movie, a folding cane won't cramp your style.


Whether you're retired or still working a 9-to-5, a folding cane fits your lifestyle. You can tuck it in your purse or briefcase at the office or simply place it in a desk drawer. When commuting, it fits nicely underneath or on the side of your car seat for easy access. For frequent travelers, store the cane in your suitcase or place it in overhead storage when traveling by plane. Most airlines consider a cane to be a walking device, so it won't count as your one allowed carry-on piece.

Height Adjustable

For traditional canes, exact measurements are needed for a good fit. It's very discouraging to purchase a new cane only to find it uncomfortable or painful to use. After spending money on a cane, some people will continue to use it even when it's not the correct size. By doing so, you may aggravate existing pain or acquire new injuries.

A folding cane takes all the guesswork out of selecting the right size. You simply add or decrease the height until it feels the right length. When you're able to move around easier without great pain or discomfort, you're more likely to walk longer distances and improve overall health.

Unique Gift Idea

Even if you don't need a cane for personal use, canes make great gifts for family members and friends. Maybe you have an older relative who doesn't move around as well as they used to or a friend at work with chronic leg pain. A folding cane provides the additional support needed and helps reduce discomfort in the legs, feet, and back. Since the cane adjusts to several different heights, you don't have to worry about a gift that isn't the right size.

Stylish Designs

Who says you can't carry a cane and still look fashionable? No matter what your age or style preference, you can find folding canes that satisfy your personal taste. Whether you need a casual cane for your daily walk or something more conservative to use at the office, you'll find many options available. From pretty patterns to rich colors, a cane serves as much more than a walking aid.

A floral pattern is a favorite choice for women. Pretty designs paired with pastel colors add a feminine touch to whatever you're wearing. Whether you like a fancy or plain handle, these decorative canes work well for daily or occasional use.

For men, a neutral-colored cane with rhinestones goes well with both casual and formal clothes. For added elegance, an engraved cane is a nice accessory to carry while wearing a stylish three-piece suit. The engraved feature is also nice if you're looking for a personalized gift idea.

Walking canes are a smart way to increase your independence and mobility. If you've thought about purchasing a cane in the past but were put off by their size, a folding cane is a nice compromise. Folding canes provide the extra balance and support you need while requiring minimal space to store. Best of all, these canes are lightweight making them ideal for older adults or people recovering from accidents and injuries.