10 Unique Woods Available in a Walking Cane
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Looking for a walking cane with a classic look? Wood is the way to go!

Although metal and carbon fiber canes are common, nothing beats the beauty of a wooden walking cane. Wood has a natural look that can't be matched by synthetic materials. Cherry and ash are two standard kinds of woods used for canes, but they lack the elegance and appeal of exotic types of wood. If you're looking for a more distinct or original cane, here are ten unique wood varieties to consider.



Grown in West Africa, Zebrano is a rare wood that has a modest grain. It is the lightest colored wood of the bunch but still has a regal look that's sure to please. The tree was named for its zebra-style stripes, which are a nice accent to the wood's pale, golden shade. Like a snowflake, each Zebrano cane has its own original style.


If you want an extra durable cane for daily use, Rosewood is a good choice. This type of cane resists cracking and splintering that may occur with softer wood types. Its delicate shades of brown and orange are a beautiful accent to the wood's darker patina grain. Rosewood tends to have a coarse grain but its texture is shiny and smooth.


Afromosia is a heavy, thick wood that is strong and holds up well to the elements. Its pretty, golden color makes it a favorite among upscale wood canes. Those who like teak are sure to admire Afromosia since these two wood types are often confused. Due to the strong demand for teak, Afromosia has become a popular alternative for designing canes.


Because of its well-known durability, oak is one of the most popular types of wood canes. It has a thick, dark grain that is more noticeable than most wood varieties. Many people admire the bold grain style because it blends well with the wood's subtle, honey color.


Known for its versatility, walnut has a warm color and beautiful grain. A medium shade of exotic woods, it blends well with a variety of clothing styles. A walnut cane is a smart option to transition you from work to casual events effortlessly.


Are you looking for a cane that expresses your unique fashion taste? If so, an Amaranth or Purple Heart cane is anything but ordinary. Its natural purplish hues make it a favorite among trendsetters or those who just want something a little different. It is a medium shade but the color may darken with age. Sourced from Central and South America, it is one of the rarest woods available.


A popular choice for men, Wenge is a very dark shade that almost looks black. Its simple, distinctive appeal makes it great for formal wear or everyday use. Although the color is basic, the unique grain of this wood makes every walking cane piece unique.


This wood's rich color and hardy texture are what make it so special. Colors vary from yellow to reddish-brown with dark brown, gray or black stripes. The grain ranges from straight to curly or slightly interlocking. Ovangkol trees are native to Africa and have a natural sheen that makes this type of cane very attractive.


Online photos don't capture the full beauty of Bubinga wood. This impressive wood variety has a reddish-brown hue with dark purple to blackish streaks. It is similar in appearance to Rosewood. Besides canes, Bubinga is used in furniture and countertop designs due to its great strength-to-weight ratio.


The darkest of these ten unique kinds of wood, Ebony is mainly found in Indonesia. Its hard texture makes it an obvious choice for canes. Ebony is ideal for tall or larger sized users because of the added support it provides. Despite its deep color, it is popular among both women and men. Unlike some types of Ebony, Macassar Ebony is not an endangered wood. A pewter collar adds a nice touch to this simple but elegant wood.

Spruce up your Wardrobe with an Exotic Wood Walking Cane!

While walking canes continue to increase in popularity, one thing that remains constant is people's attraction to natural, wood canes. It doesn't matter how old you are, a cane designed with real wood is a classic fashion piece. Why not stand out from the crowd today with one of these rare wood cane styles?

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