The Best Bariatric Walking Canes for Sale

Do you need the strongest cane possible? A bariatric cane may be right for you!

In a world as richly diverse as our own, it should come as no surprise that each individual cane has unique needs when it comes to selecting a walking assistance device. Some users may find that they have difficulty finding stylish options designed to support their weight. We believe that no one should ever have to sacrifice style for safety or vice versa. That's why Fashionable Canes is proud to boast the best selection of bariatric walking canes for men and women featuring stylish designs, quality materials, and premium weight support.

What is a Bariatric Cane?

The term bariatric is used loosely as a description for persons weighing significantly more than the average weight for their body type. Any user who weighs 100 pounds or more over their recommended weight may want to invest in a bariatric cane that is built for use by larger persons. As the weight that would be considered bariatric will vary from person to person based on their build, we estimate that any cane able to accommodate users from 250-700lbs+ can be considered a bariatric cane. Users all across this weight spectrum will find something to love in our fine selection of bariatric canes and walking sticks.

For users on the heavier end of the spectrum, we highly recommend the Super Heavy Duty Bronze Stainless Steel Cane as pictured above. This item has a maximum user weight of 700lb, making it the strongest cane in our collection! The stainless steel shaft is smooth and sleek, while the comfort-grip handle offers an easy and accessible experience. This item's extreme durability is due in part to its offset construction and handle style which distributes a user's weight more evenly through its unique curvature.

Other Stylish Handle Designs

Here at Fashionable Canes, we aim to offer every cane user a more stylish option. Our bariatric walking canes feature an excellent array of handle styles with different aesthetic and technical functions.

Derby Handle

Those who prefer a more traditional walking cane experience will love our comfortable derby style handle bariatric canes.

The Extra Long Super Strong Black Pearlz Walking Cane is a bariatric cane with bling! This great walking cane for women (and men with a snazzy sense of style) has a traditional derby style handle that allows the user's hand to rest easily in the slight dip at the lowest point of the handle for a supremely comfortable experience. The acrylic handle bears a black marble-style design with white embellishments that match the exquisite rhinestone collar that mimics the look of real diamonds! This is the ultimate bariatric cane to use when you really need your look to shine!

Fritz Handle

The Fritz Handle is ideal for users in need of a bariatric walking cane who may also experience issues or pain in their hands or fingers. The slim and tapered construction of the fritz style handle enables users to grip the cane with ease and with minimal strain on the fingers.

We highly recommend the XL Genuine Mahogany Ash Fritz Cane for any users in search of a bariatric walking stick with a fritz handle. The genuine mahogany handle has a rich coffee tone that pairs beautifully with the shiny silver collar and sleek black beechwood shaft. This cane can accommodate users weighing up to 500 pounds.

Tourist Handle

The tourist handle is a traditional cane style with enduring appeal. These canes are often associated with shepherd's crooks due to their similarly curved handles that resemble a hook. These handles add extra convenience to a bariatric cane by allowing it to easily be hung on a door handle or even certain chairs for easy storage!

Those well-versed in television will recognize this Flame Tourist Walking Cane as a favorite of Dr. Gregory House from the popular series, House M.D. This replica of the fictional doctor's own cane features a tourist handle and an elaborate flame design on the shaft. The vibrant flames seem to dance atop the smooth, black surface of the cane and will add a vivacious spirit to any look. This cane is on the lower end of the bariatric spectrum for users who need just a bit of extra support and can accommodate users up to 250 lbs.

Quality Materials

It is always important that a cane should be made from sturdy and durable materials, but this is especially true in the case of a bariatric cane. To ensure the maximum user stability, bariatric canes must be constructed from premium materials that have the strength to accommodate heavier users. Our bariatric walking canes are made from a number of high-quality materials, but there are certainly a few standouts in the selection!

Extra Long Super Strong Blue Denim Derby Walking Cane

This stunning selection is not only remarkable for its unique appearance, but also its incredible durability. The Extra Long Super Strong Blue Denim Derby Walking Cane is constructed from genuine ash wood. This reliable wood is a favorite among cane makers due to its resilience and adaptability to color. The brass collar complements the rich, blue stain perfectly. This bariatric cane will provide you showstopping style as well as super stability!

Extra Long Super Strong Espresso Derby Walking Cane

This Extra long, Super Strong Espresso Derby Walking Cane is one of our favorites due to its beautiful rich wood and classic derby handle. The thick and sturdy shaft enabled this bariatric walking cane can accommodate users up to 500 pounds. The brass collar offers a nice contrast that really makes this item pop!

Find the Best Bariatric Cane for You!

Buying the perfect cane has never been easier for users in need of extra weight support. Here at Fashionable Canes, we have poured our dedication into our bariatric products to ensure a diverse selection of products for as many cane users as possible. When shopping for a bariatric cane or walking stick, never compromise on style or stability! Get the best of both worlds when you buy a bariatric cane from Fashionable Canes today!