Cane Ice Safety - Fashionable Canes

Don't let the weather outside keep you prisoner in your home. now offers a large array of accessories and canes to keep you active in the winter months. As you might have noticed last winter, a rubber tip offers little-to-no assistance in snow, and even less on ice. Avoiding slips and falls is vital in ensuring your health in the new year; and with so many options there is no excuse to take your safety for granted.

Ice Safety Canes

These high-definition, sturdy, lightweight aluminum canes are the newest additions to our ice safety lines. Fitted with a built in retractable ice tip these canes come ready to use and transition easily from winter to summer months with no need to switch out tips. The ice tip fully retracts up into the shaft of the cane for indoor and out of season use. An easy-to-use lever, located near the bottom of the shaft, allows you to move the ice tip in and out without having to touch the tip itself. Currently, there are 8 styles to choose from, ranging from patterned folding canes to solid colors like the classic look of black.

Removable Ice Tips

Since these tips are easily removed after winter months, this is a great option for anyone who wants something to apply to a cane they already own. Here are two great options that both allow for a simple transition from outdoor to indoor use. The Ingrid Ice Gripper Tip is perfect for a folding cane since it features a compact design that won't add bulk to the bottom of your cane. The Ice Grip Tip offers the stability of 5 ice picks and flips up to the side of the shaft when not in use.

Spikeless Sole Covers (discontinued) 

Spike-less Sole Covers allow for even more traction in the snow and ice. Similar to putting chains on your car's tires these shoe covers provide traction without interference. Made of injection-molded elastomer with abrasion-resistant, rust-protected steel coils, these versatile covers work great for non cane users also and are ideal of outdoor activities like hiking, camping and even ice fishing. The covers also feature a tab on the back which makes removal quick for when it's time to go indoors.