How to choose a cane handle - Fashionable Canes

With so many styles available today, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the correct type of cane handle. There are many things to consider including what hand you use your cane in, how often you use your cane, specific concerns you might have with comfort and even the location in which you live can play an important role in how you choose the perfect handle.

First, you’ll want to decided which hand you will use your cane in. In most cases, a cane is used on the opposite hand of an ailment. For example, if your right hip causes you a problem you would likely use the cane in your left hand. Of course, everyone is different and it is always best to seek guidance from your doctor before deciding. In most cases, you’ll be able to switch hands if necessary, but some handles are hand specific so it’s important to consider this before ordering. Handles such as the Palm Grip and Ergonomic styles are specific to only one hand.

The second specification you’ll want to consider is the material of the handle. Perhaps you prefer a handle with cushion, like our offset handles. Handles come in everything from foam to metal. Most commonly, you’ll find a wooden handle. Wooden handles are strong, durable and great for both hot and cold weather. Metal handles, such as chrome, brass and silver are another popular option among cane users. When considering a metal handle it’s good to keep in mind the climate in your area as your metal handle will likely be colder to the touch in the winter and in turn, hotter in the summer months.

Here is a helpful guide on selecting the handle that will work best for you.