Our Best Walking Assistance Devices

The Best Devices for Those That Need Help Walking Due to Age, a Moderate Disability, or After an Injury or Surgery

If you need assistance walking there is a range of devices and equipment to choose from today. Each walking assistance device has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some are more comfortable and others more convenient. Still, some offer a higher level of safety and stability, with less comfort and convenience. It's important to choose the one that offers the benefits you care about most.

If you want more stability, convenience or you want something with just a touch of style, there is a walking device just right for you! Here are some of our best options for walking assistance this year.

Quad Base Canes

Probably one of the best walking assistance devices out there, the quad cane is always at the top of the "best of" lists for canes and support devices. That's because it is so stable, yet it is also very light and easy to use.

We offer a range of different quad canes and they all come with great designer fashions if you want to something a little more stylish and classy. These canes provide more stability because of the four-pronged shape.

Best of all they stand up when you let go so it won't fall over. This makes it safer and more convenient. One drawback is weight, these canes are a little heavier but if you want more assistance and stability it is well worth the additional weight.


Seat Cane

The seat cane is a different type of walking assistance device. It has a built-in seat that gives you a place to rest whenever you need it. Seat canes have been very popular with those who are on their feet quite a bit, and whenever taking a breather can help you regain some strength.

Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches

These lightweight assistance devices are perfect for those that need a little more stability but in a lighter package. They are ideal for those recovering from surgery or a leg injury because the forearm crutch allows you to put more weight on the cane, taking more weight off your injury.

If you are having trouble getting around after a recent surgery or injury then this assistance device is for you.


The SafeTBase cane base is another tripod cane that is highly functional, easy to use and lightweight. It's also convenient because it won't tip over when you let it go. It stands in place. You can grab something on a shelf, or set it down to get your car keys without fear of it falling over. So, it's always there for you and the perfect walking assistance device for anyone who needs constant support.

The rubber tip is also extremely grippy and stable. It flexes with you as you walk therefore it gives you more grip and control in certain situations. It also is non-marking, so your floors are protected.