SafeTbase Self Standing Black Cane Tip


SKU: 460BLK*16

The Safetbase® Self Standing Cane Base is the best pivot cane base on the market. It's easier to use and safer than other quad cane tips that provides enhanced mobility and maneuvering over such terrain as sand, pavement, grass, stairs, and gravel. The SafetBase quad cane has rubber tips that flex and grip the ground to make using a cane safer and more convenient. The pivoting cane base allows the tips stay in contact with the ground longer adding stability. Plus the non-marking rubber cane tips won't mark up floors.

The self-standing base means you can set it down anywhere. You don't have to lean it against a wall or chair where it can fall over get damaged. No more having to bend down and pick up a cane that fell over. Just set it down and it self stands for you to use anytime. Perfect for trips to the grocery store. it allows you to easily free your hands whenever you want. Put it down and your cane stays right there for you when you need it.

Guaranteed to be the best self-standing pivoting cane base you will ever own! It is self standing cane base designed to give you more freedom, safety and convenience! Order yours today and keep your cane where you need it most.

The SafeTbase measures 4" x 4" x 2.25", and weighs .3 lbs (4.8 oz).

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  • SKU 460BLK*16

SafeTbase Self Standing Black Cane Tip