Choosing the Best Walking Cane Handle for Stability & Style

"What cane handle is right for me?" This is a common question among cane users and there is no one answer. As each individual's reason for using a walking cane will vary, so too will the most appropriate style of cane handle for each individual. There is currently a wide variety of walking cane handle styles available that have been lovingly crafted with the needs of many different types of individuals. We have some great information about the different cane handle styles here on our website, but today, we'd like to take the opportunity to dive in a little deeper and explain some of the perks of each of these great handle styles!

Derby Handle

Derby handle walking canes tend to be the standard in the modern walking cane world. Derby walking cane handles feature a slight dip near the top of the handle to allow the hand to rest comfortably while the handle's tip is elongated into a point to create a high-class aesthetic. The derby handle style is consistently rated as being the most comfortable handle style by most can users as its curved handle is easy to grip and hold on to for most people.

Fritz Handle

The Fritz handle can almost be considered the derby handle's slimmer cousin. While the fritz handle is similarly shaped, the handle is more tapered and even easier to grip. This is designed in order to accommodate users who find that gripping a walking cane is strenuous for their fingers or hand. Some users with conditions like arthritis prefer the slim fritz handle due to the reduced strain on the fingers. The fritz handle features an elegant construction with a slight dip where the hand is meant to rest as well as a blunted end that gives this handle style a regal edge.


At first glance, an ergonomic handle walking cane may appear to be similar to a derby style. On closer inspection, it can be seen that the side of an ergonomic handle is, in fact, indented. This indentation will be placed either on the right or left side of the cane as it is meant to accommodate right and left-handed users with a custom-like fit. This style is perfect for users who want the look of a classic walking cane paired with a modern and comfortable design. Users who have a "bad side" or trouble with one particular leg or knee may find this style to be suitable as they will likely always need to utilize the walking cane on the same side. Keep in mind, a walking cane is most often recommended to be used on the opposite side from the "bad side" in order to alleviate the strain on the other leg, hip, and knee.

Palm Grip

Similar to the ergonomic handle style, a palm grip handle is intended for use specifically with a right or left hand. These exquisite handles are molded specifically for either a right or left hand. The palm grip differs from the ergonomic cane in the sense that instead of a simple indentation on either side of the cane, the handle is actually molded in the shape of either a right or left palm to allow for a nearly perfect fit that offers superior comfort and is impressively easy to hold on to. The palm grip style is favored by those who utilize a walking cane regularly but may experience extreme difficulty or excessive pain from attempting to grip the handle. The palm grip is the easiest style to hold onto and requires the least amount of exertion to the hand and fingers.

Offset Handle

The offset handle is easily recognizable. The offset handle features a comfort grip that is often padded with foam or gel to create a cushy and comfortable experience for the user who holds it. Not only is the handle style unique, but the shaft of an offset cane is also different from any other style. An offset handle's shaft features a uniquely curved construction. This works to distribute weight more evenly, making these canes superb for assisting with balance. Offset handle canes are often commonly available with quad cane bases to further enhance stability! Quad cane bases have four tips instead of just one to maximize the cane's grip on the ground. Users who primarily use a cane for issues with balance and stability will likely get the best use from a quad cane.

Knob Handle

A knob handle is a hallmark of a traditional walking stick. Most knob handle walking sticks are intended primarily for aesthetic purposes and are the favored choice of a gentleman and those utilizing a cane as a part of a costume or stage act. Knob handle canes often feature elaborate designs and elegant brass or chrome handles. A knob handle walking stick is the perfect solution for any lady or gentleman looking to add an extra layer of refinement to his/her wardrobe!

Tourist Handle

The tourist handle is an instantly recognizable classic walking cane look. The tourist handle is shaped like a "J" and is often referred to as a "shepherd's crook" or "crook cane" due to its similarity in appearance to a tool used by shepherds for sheep herding. The tourist handle offers the added convenience of being able to hang it on a chair or doorknob due to its uniquely shaped hook handle. As the name suggests, tourist handle canes are perfect for those on vacation or on the go as they are easy to store or set aside for a moment while the user attends to other things.

Animal Handles

Animal handles are a popular novelty style for walking canes. Animal handles commonly feature handles carved in the shape of cats, dogs, birds, and other exotic creatures. Animal handles, like knob handle walking canes, are primarily meant to be decorative accessories. The animal handles are designed for aesthetic appeal, not with comfort in mind, meaning that they are better suited to special occasions or for use with a costume.

Get Your Best Grip!

A walking cane or walking stick is a very personal item. It is highly important that walking cane handles are well-suited to the needs of their users in order to provide the ultimate experience in comfort, stability, and style. If you are looking to find the walking cane that is best for your needs, please review this information and consult your doctor in order to make an informed decision. Here at Fashionable Canes, we aim to offer an excellent assortment of quality handle styles in order to help you get your best grip on your walking cane!