Our Best Wood Hiking Sticks and Staffs

Take a look at these hand-carved wooden hiking sticks and staffs: conversation and comfort on the trail

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, and get some exercise. It's also a natural stress reliever. Not only will it keep you healthy, it keeps you inspired to enjoy what nature has to offer and to escape the hectic daily grind of the city or suburbia.

But whenever you get outdoors to hike and explore, it's a good idea to do it safely. One of our classy, fashionable and unique hiking sticks is a great way to stay safe and further enjoy your time on the trail.

Many are custom hiking sticks handmade from special woods so they are the perfect fit for an outdoor adventure. They also have some history behind them and are crafted by artisans, adding both story and character to your hike.

Take one of these hiking sticks along with you and you can maintain more balance on rugged terrain, and have something to assist whenever you need it. You will also find yourself getting lost in a unique background and history. The custom wood hiking sticks and poles all have something unique about them whether it's a design element, special functionality, accessory or point of view that makes them such a good trail companion.

1. Authentic Hazel Walking Stick from Ireland

This unique hiking stick is hand made in Ireland from authentic witch hazel, a traditional Irish wood steeped in folklore and history. The natural beauty of the wood is retained with a clear lacquer that lets the color and grain shine through. The rounded know is also comfortable for extended use.

2. Authentic Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

Another traditional Irish walking stick, the Irish Blackthorn hiking stick is truly unique! Made of genuine blackthorn, a hard wood used in the crafting of the famous Irish Shillelagh, it's not only superior in strength but carries a rich history. These are handcrafted for a real authentic experience and made of natural wood they blend right into the environment. Order yours today at our special price.

3. Staghorn handle chestnut shaft hiking stick with leather strap

This unique hiking stick has a truly custom look and its hand made with a naturally shed deer antler. The deer horn is sanded and fitted to the wooden shaft for a perfect fit. Made of chestnut it is strong and durable, perfect for the outdoors. Ideal for the north country hikes, this staghorn handle walking stick fits right in and gives you both charm and character. Take a look at this one here.

4. Root Knobbed Turned Walking Stick with Flamed Chestnut shaft

This hand-carved wood hiking stick is a beautiful work of art that performs as well as it looks. With a spiraling design that's characteristic of the best staffs, it captures the essence of the hiker's spirit. It's a solid-feeling hiking staff, and with a natural, rounded handle comfortable to use. It also has a lovely clear-coat for protection.